Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor

I did not see any posts on this wonderful piece of equipment so I figured get this out there.

I just got to the lesson modules (Beginner Grade 2) where it’s time to start adding some distortion to my life (to play Nirvana, Metallica, etc). Having an electric guitar and a basic amp I started to look for a pedal. I also considered buying a second amp, the Boss Katana after hearing such good things about it … but then a friend recommended the Boss GT-1. I found a used one on eBay and it arrived this weekend.

Wow … what a great piece of equipment. I just started to play around with it. There are 99 custom “patches” to get an endless amount of preset sounds. Boss has many styles already created that are easy to put on the unit, but with a little research there are tons of tutorials on the web to get settings for your favorite sounds.

It also has a headphone jack, so you actually don’t even need an amp to connect it to. Great for playing around without bother your significant other.

I just started to play with it so I’m sure there are many other features that I’ve not yet found.

If you’re at the point where you have a guitar and amp, and want a well rounded solution for tons of different sounds, I highly recommend this.

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Such a multi-effect is an excellent tool to start exploring!
You’ll discover what effects oyu like and which you don’t
What settings you like and what combines well.
A lot of bang for buck and great to practice at low volumes!

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This is the key to such units. The patches are often fun, but not that useful. Building your own patches will, not only, give you patches that are useful to you, but will teach you loads about how different effects work both individually and in conjunction with each other.

I have a GT-1 as well. I don’t use it that much these days, but I keep it around as a handy tool. I used to be in a local group who would meet up to jam, and it was great to take along to that to use with the amps that were already in the rehearsal studios we would rent. And it works off batteries too.

The user-interface on the top panel is not that friendly but the Tone Studio app for the GT-1 is pretty good. I also like that it has a basic looper built in.