Boss Katana trouble loading patches

Nice overview of the Tone Studio. I’ve loaded my software but when I save the patches they’re just html files. I somehow managed to find the tone file for JGTR Kleen Start and it imports as a live set but with no tone file inside so I can’t drag and drop over to the left. I also don’t see the patch file that’s mentioned in your lesson on reverb in your file listing.

So, it all feels close but still far away. . . What am I doing wrong?

Hi Rerice.
Are you using the “add” option at the top of Tone Studio and is your amp conected and turned on?
The livesets should download straight into your librarian section.
Also, when you downloaded Tone studio did you also update the Amp firmware and download the driver?
I think the patches are TSL files so HTML wont load onto the amp.


Thanks for the quick response!

  1. I am using the “import from file” option via the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the librarian screen to import the livesets
  2. The amp is on and connected (if you turn the dials on the amp they move on the Editor)
  3. The JGTR Kleen Start.tsl file loads as a liveset but there’s no tone file in the set, just an empty rectangle with JGTR Kleen Start at the top. When I try to drag and drop that over to the left, the whole large liveset rectangle moves. I can swap it’s location in amongst livesets but it bumps up against a hard border if I try to go all the way to the left column with the “favorite” tones listed
  4. Yes, i updated the firmware and drivers
  5. I know html files aren’t tone files. That’s why I mentioned it. When I click on the patch file listing on Justin’s website, the listing scrolls rapidly but no download option appears. If I right click, I can save the patch as an html file, but that’s not what I need.

I must be doing multiple things wrong here but I don’t know what.


Hi Richard.
The Kleen start patch did the same for me ie list rotated fast.
If you click on the video play arrow (on the left of the patch name) it will open the corresponding lesson page for that patch. Underneath the video screen there is a button marked “resources”.
Click that and the patch is listed there,the download icon next to it.
That should download it to your comp and then you can add from the file option.
Hopefully this will work for you.
(It downloaded as a TSL file for me when I tried it).
Maybe have to do each patch separately. ( I only tried one)
good luck

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That worked. The key is to click on the patch file, let the list rotate fast, then look for the resources link below the video that appears to the left (or whatever you would call a page without a video). I tried it for Kleen Start and also a patch for Sultans of Swing and the above worked for both.

Thanks for the help. I would not have been able to figure that out on my own.


Hi Richard.
Glad you got it sorted.
Now the fun starts
Mike :smiley: