Boss RC 30 Looper Demo

Hey guys so i finally purchased a looper pedal! I got this thing used it was a whopping $250 Ouch lol. I wanted to get a RC 1 but they did not have it but i think im happy i got this one. Its pretty cool its got drums on it which is nice!!! Heres me messing around with it if anyone is interested. I know the sound is kinda bleh i guess i need to invest in a better amp or something. Anyways enjoy! Boss rc 30 looper pedal demo - YouTube


Awesome. It looks like you having a blast with that. Lots more fun to be had with that unit.



Thanks!! Is there anyone familiar with this model? Did I make a good choice?

I’m familiar with the spec and the reputation of it, although I’ve never used one myself.

Put it this way: it was good enough for Ed Sheeran, Tash Sultana, Shawn Mendes, Lindsey Buckingham, and KT Tunstall (and many, many other artists)



Looks like your having some awesome fun Byron. I’m looking forward to hearing your next original track using the looper.

Terrific stuff Byron. Lots of fun to be had there! :+1:

Sounds like you’re getting to grips with it. Look forward to hearing what you do with it.

Happy Looper Day Byron :sunglasses:

An impressive first outing, Bytron. I imagine in no time at all (relatively speaking) you’ll be playing songs, laying down rhythms and percussion with the looper and adding solos. Keep on rocking out!

Thanks guys just hope i made the right decision!!! I dont know much about loopers. ANyone know if i made the right decision on this purchase?

Great demo! I just bought this pedal myself. But I bought the RC 30 because it had an XLR mic input.

Yes, I believe you did.



Hey Bytron that was a cool demo, can you change the volume of your BT once you recorded your track? So lead can be more distinctive?

I have no experience with that looper. The complexity chased me away when I was doing my looper homework. I could see myself just wanting to quickly scratchpad an idea, only to end up losing my vibe sorting through options. I’m a one button with a volume knob looper believer – I have two of them. That’s not to talk anyone out of a more feature rich looper.

Yes I believe you can do that with this one!