Breakfast at Tiffany's

First timer, but figured I would give it a try. I know my voice isn’t great, but give it a listen and see what you think.



Hadn’t heard this for a while. That was a great effort by you: particularly the choruses, which sounded quite complicated, and you performed well.


I don’t think I ever heard this one… Nice song, nice cover! Your play and recording worked for me. Vox seemed to fit the song well. Have some confidence as your doing good…

All the best,

Glad you got the recording and sharing figured out, Bruce.

Enjoyed your rendition, sounds good both playing and singing.

I suggest you post a short intro in Introduce yourself ..., personal background, guitar history, and aspirations/goals. It’s not mandatory but customary here.

Hello Bruce, this song was the very first I was supposed to learn when I started my guitar journey. (Though, a much simpler version :grin:) I always loved it and really wanted to learn it, but it was too difficult for me back then, and I gave it up.
Thanks a lot for bringing it back to my mind. Your version sounds very interesting. I hear very fine playing. Really enjoyable :smiling_face:. Congratulations on your first recording :clap::+1::partying_face:!! Well done :clap::clap::clap:.

Nicely done Bruce, takes me back to early days on Justin’s old Beginner Course. An enjoyable song which if it weren’t for the course would never have been on my radar, despite it being a familiar radio toon back in the day. Vocals were fine don’t beat yourself up !


Very well done - great mix of strumming and picking - made it sound nicely complex. Sounds like a lot of practice especially with the great vocals.

Congrats on your first recording and post Bruce.

Lovely tone from the guitar and you have a great singing voice.

I’d suggest you work on your timing - loose timing works fine when it’s solo acoustic, but add more complicated songs or other instruments and it becomes much more important.

If I were to mix it with any other sounds that timing would really show, your quite correct. The original had some nice mixes of finger picking and strumming.
Can you have a metronome going at the time of the recording but somehow not actually hear it in the recording?

Love this song. Don’t know why you were concerned about your vocals, they’re very good! And the playing sounded great too!

Its probably because I don’t think I ever actually heard myself talk, or should I say recorded. Its funny I’ve heard or read we have two voices, are inner one and an outer one. What I hear is my inner voice that no one else hears, and everyone else hears my outer voice or what they hear.
Talk about hearing voices in my head !

Bruce, I liked your version of this song a lot (I’m not a fan of the original at all…). Your guitar playing sounded intricate, yet gentle and warm at the same time :slightly_smiling_face:

There is something special about the choruses. Not only that your guitar playing starts sounding still more complicated but also the tone of your voice changes, which makes the choruses sound rather fascinating and unique in a good way.

Yes , you do have a really good singing voice (even when it sounds different from the voice you hear in your head) :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. I read your log. I’ve found the guitar to be a great stress reliever as well. Ahh singing, is way different by yourself, yea dance like nobody’s watching !
It took a lot just to post an audio, can’t imagine posting a video, but I suppose it will come with time.
I would like to work my way up to Fire and Rain, but thats a ways off. That and Travis picking, where I’m not getting anywhere, but thats fine. Everyone here sounds so good, then again Justin is quite an inspiration. Just keep at it, one string at a time.

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Really nice job Bruce and thumbs :+1: up from me on both your playing and your singing.

I hope you didn’t read the whole thing :roll_eyes: :grinning: Time to update it anyhow. I’ll tag you, because I want to give you a better answer, but this is YOUR thread, not mine.

I love your analogy between dancing and singing. Never thought about it like this but it’s true.

It would be nice to see how you are playing what you are playing - but no pressure at all with any videos. Welcome to the community btw (don’t think I said that yet), have you meanwhile found that lost chord? :sunglasses:

I thought it was excellent. Your guitar and voice mix nicely into this lovely song. Well done Bruce.