Breakthrough technology for Barre/F chord learners!


Does it move along the neck freely if you want to switch over to other barre chord? :sweat_smile:

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version 2 …

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Version 2 = snap clamp :grin:

I doubt it would slow my cord changes down any more than they are, so no worries.

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Does that only work for a G shape?! :joy:

1st finger- sorted.
Now what about the other three? :thinking::roll_eyes:

That’s inventing! BTW, the real secret to the F barre chord, is to use your bicep to provide the pressure on your fingers, rather than your hand muscle. Your bicep is much stronger.

In fact, after I tore a ligament in my right hand thumb, I learned to play pretty well without my thumb even touching the back of the neck: see

Nice, do they come in different colours?

I’ve just ordered one :smiley::sweat_smile:.

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Nicole… no :upside_down_face: