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I feel personally that this is one of justin’s worst lessons, he spends over three quarters of the video showing you chord after chord, barely explaing them and without chord diagrams they are extremely hard to remember!Then he says at the end hes going to show you the finger picking pattern but then just plays the song while shifting the camera over to his fingers.Hes a teacher but hes not actually teaching you anything there.I get the idea is that you’re meant to look at his fingers but i find that ridiculously hard and stupid considering that he could’ve made tabs to show the finger picking pattern more clearly.Learning by watching him play over and over again is extremely inneficient and i think devalues the idea that this is an online lesson.What makes me so frustrated is that its such a beautiful arrangement yet is so horribly conveyed to the viewer.

Welcome to the forum Jai. May I ask what level you are at in your guitar playing. This isn’t a beginner song it listed as Grade 6. I think Justin is taking into consideration that a grade 6 student would already know these chords. As for the Finger picking part Justin even says in the video that the song is a piano tune and you don’t have to play it the way he does and to experiment with the picking.


Great song unfortunately well beyond my current abilities.
A bit concerned that it seems to be in the vintage song book especially as I remember the song being released.

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As stitch says, this song video lesson is grade 6, aimed at advanced intermediate level players people with at least a couple or more of dedicated learning and practice. In the intro Justin downplays the importance of his pucking pattern, explicitly stating he changes it freely, and encouraging others to do just that.
Lessons at this level, of this type, are meant to be guidance rather than wholly prescriptive

Im not saying the difficulty of the song is the problem here,i think other grade 6 songs of equal difficulty are conveyed much better by Justin.What im criticizing is the structure of the lesson and how the chords are not thoroughly explained.Also even if the picking pattern is not that important justin should’ve given a little more time in the video into explaining a basic pattern that would’ve allowed for people to spring off of and change.The whole idea of the video was to teach people an arrangement specefically deisgned by Justin.This video is the resource that most people use to learn this beautiful song on guitar.I find the video sloppy in its presentation of chords and picking pattern and i can imagine how easily it could deter a less experienced player from continuing to learn guitar.I personally dont find it hard to play the song but i find the overall method of teaching here on a lesser level then justin usual way of teaching.I want to make it celar im not trying to be a needless hater im trying to provide contstructive critisicm and criticize the ways that song is presented to be learnt by the video.

Hi, I got Justin’s Vintage Songbook as well and all the chord diagrams chords schemes are in there. It is worthwhile to buy the songbooks besides the video lessons.

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