Bridge saddle acoustic guitar

last year i bought a new acoustic guitar from gear for music only a cheap one £80.00 when i got it it played really horrible so i changed the strings and gave it a good clean and oil whilst doing this the bridge saddle fell out so i popped it back in it was and still is quite loose should i glue it in to stop it moving or just leave loose it is angled towards the neck slightly.

Don’t glue it, the saddle should be easy to remove. You could take it to a music store and see if you can get a stock saddle that fits better. Having a saddle made would cost as much as the guitar but off the shelf saddles are cheap.

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thanks for the info

I bought a TUSQ saddle for my cheap acoustic and sanded it to fit. Really easy to do and improves the sound

Its worth installing better bridge pins at the same time. I bought the saddle and pins for about 35 Euros and it sounds much better.

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Thanks for the info a job for after xmas