Bridging songs/techniques to learn this Dreamer song

I have identified a Dreamer fingerstyle song that I find challenging to play especially because of the fingering: Wind Song Tab by Kotaro Oshio | Songsterr Tabs with Rhythm

I can currently play (at a beginner level) Blackbird, Fast Cars, Justin’s Grade 3 module 18’s Lickin’ riff and a couple other fingerstyle-ish songs.

Any tips are greatly appreciated.

I don’t understand this statement. Most of the song is only playing 2 or 3 notes. Are you using your pinky and index finger for the base and melody on the 2 E strings?

So to be clear I’m referring to the fretting hand fingering. I’m not sure which fingers to use as I move around the frets and strings. Should I be sticking to just the pinky for the melody and index for the base?

I did a search on youtube and found this. Should help with the fingering

You will need to have good finger independence. Learning this song will help a lot with that.

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Yeah finger independence. That’s probably it. Thanks for the YouTube video. Any bridging songs if I find this too difficult (which I did while spending half an hour on it yesterday).

Edit: Never-mind about the bridging song request. I’ll give this a whirl first before updating the thread. I have enough on my plate at the moment.

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