Bright Eyes - When the curious girl... Cover

Hi friends,

Long time no post! Finally found my way to the new forum :slightly_smiling_face: Unfortunately my motivation for playing guitar plummeted back in autumn. Maybe it was brought on by too long hours at work, leading to no consistency at all with guitar practice and a feeling of being directionless :grimacing: Trying to get back on the horse…

This is a video I recorded back in August but never got around to post.

I’ve been obsessed with this pretty unknown song on and off ever since I discovered Bright Eyes about 14 years ago. Think it’s the raw feeling and desperation that gets to me. It’s originally played on piano but as it turned out not that hard to adapt to guitar. Ps. sorry about the poor lighting. My computer webcam did not deal well with the rain storm that came in as I was recording. You can actually hear the rain coming down heavily halfway in. Kinda consistent with the low-fi quality of the original :joy:

Anyway hope you like! Feedback, good & bad, as always much appreciated.



Hey glad to see you back! You need to pick up guitar again man cause you really are able to produce too notch performance, that was great! Don’t know the original but will have to check it out. No critique for me, just an admiration and hope you will be back on a saddle soon! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: all the best.

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Thanks Adi, always the gentleman :wink: Yeah trying my best to get it going again. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement!

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@dolmgren man oh man did I enjoy this. Big Bright Eyes fan and there’s not enough covers on here, we can conspire to change that.
Really jealous of your fingerpicking, note perfect. Do you know where there’s a lesson for this or did you just transcribe it by ear?
Massively impressed and no more time off for you :joy: keep them coming!

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Good to see and hear from you again, Erik. Lovely playing and singing. Hope you re-discover your mojo through sharing that and getting back to being active here in the Community.

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I’m glad you’re here Erik, and even more pleased that you’re playing guitar again. This is very easy on the ears, thankyou. I hope we hear from you again very soon.


Thank you! Agreed, I’m definitely in on that conspiracy :wink: Have a half decent fingerpicking version of First Day Of My Life going, the bpm is so darn fast though so needs more work. Looking forward to seeing you play too!

There’s some tabs for this on Ultimate guitar, however it is pretty awkward to play so I changed the fingering completely and also changed some notes in the chorus.

I’m glad you finally found you way over here and post Erik, as I thought this was fantastic.

I hope your passion for the guitar returns as you are a wonderful player.

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Well done Eric,
Nice play and tone on guitar. Vox fits and the whole show comes together well indeed.

Keep up the rock’n ways!

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Hello Erik,
Shame on you…as long as you don’t play the guitar while you’re so good at it,…don’t do it anymore…
Greetings ,rogier

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I know what it’s like to have an odd attraction to obscure songs. Makes more sense than being a top 40 hit regurgitator. I like what you did here, and now you own this song. Good job. :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for the feedback and warm welcome (back)! Much appreciated.

I’m not familiar with this song, so thank you for introducing it to me. That was an enjoyable performance. Well done.

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