Brighter Days Original Acoustic

Hello! I know i posted this on the other forum but just wanted to share it here on this new one as its one of my favorite pieces. I may end up doing some more like these soon!!! :slight_smile: Anyways the chords are C,G and D. Pretty simple. I figured it would help the newcomers to learn how rhythm and lead work together! Cheers! Brighter Days - Original Acoustic Instrumental - YouTube


Good to see you posting your old stuff Byron, some good tunes there ! :sunglasses:

Very cool, and definitely worthy of bringing over to the new site. Always enjoy hearing originals, and this one is well done.

Nice one buddy, I enjoyed you playing very much!

This is a beautiful tune! Those bluesy bends feel so good!!!

I would love to know what your process was like to write this! :slight_smile:

I remember this one from before Byron. It’s really good and I’m pleased to be reminded of it and have the chance to listen again.

Thanks guys! Well when i compose stuff i find a rhythm that I like and then i add solos to it. Lol i know but thats the only way i can explain it.

Bytron - I actually thought this was an instrumental piece of a popular song, though I never came up with a title. It is that good. Time for you to put some lyrics to this.

You get such beautiful tones out of your Taylor Bytron. This has such a good vibe to it.

Beautiful, Bytron. I loved it. :heart:

Thanks guys!!! :slight_smile: I really appreciate yalls input glad you guys liked it!

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Very nicely done. Looking forward to more.