Broke my wrist

Broke my left wrist (fretting hand) 2 months ago. Major set back. Lost a lot of dexterity. Anyone else have this problem? How was your recovery?

Note: if you’re serious about guitar, stay off skateboards! :grin:

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Broken both wrists (separately) a long while ago, about 8 weeks before plaster was removed then it was just a question of gently moving hand/wrist until things got back to normal. I don’t recall any finger dexterity issues. I had no long term effects. I had not started playing guitar at this time though but I don’t think it would have been an issue after I got full wrist movement back

Thanks for the encouragement! Yes my wrist is stiff.

Ouch, sorry to hear that. Wrists are notorious for getting stiff after being splinted. They then take a while to loosen back up. Patience and therapy/exercise to improve mobility.

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As others have said, it just takes time. I broke my hand and dislocated a finger on my right hand years ago, so the lot was put in plaster including my wrist. It only took a few days of careful exercise and manipulation to get my wrist loosened up afterwards, but the finger was locked solid for a while. Took weeks to get full movement back again, but got there eventually.

Got a problem with the little finger of my other hand now though. No idea how it started, but it’s no better after a couple of months. Starting to get concerned that I’m going to be advised to stop playing guitar entirely…

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I came off my motorbike something like 10 years ago and dislocated the middle finger on my right hand. As far as guitar playing goes I’m lucky it wasn’t on my fretting hand because even now I don’t have full mobility and some chord shapes would be problematic. All I can say is if you get exercises to do from a physio as part of the rehab, make sure you do them all and do them properly! Good luck (ps it didn’t put me off riding a motorbike :grinning:)

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Have broken both wrists in the last few years, I found the guitar a great physio tool to work out the stiffness. Although the left was achy for a while.

Good luck John :shamrock:

PS: a wear these while mountain biking now

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Hey, that sucks, hope it loosens up for you soon

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Hope you are able to have a full recovery, John! The experiences of the other people here sound encouraging

On a separate issue, this is really strange. After I read this by @Goffik I just instinctively tested my little fingers, and I notice a weird issue with my right (strumming-hand) one! It’s like it’s slightly stiff and feels a bit awkward to extend all the way. I had never noticed this til just now :grimacing: I’m definitely going to monitor it over the coming days

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Sucks to hear!
Like other’s said, lot’s of mobility work and strengthening exercises, because stiffness is often related to loss of muscle mass.

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Funny. I ride motorbikes too. Miss it as well!

Thanks liaty. My physical therapist recommends I play as much as I can.

Great advice on the wrist guards!


Ha… the broken hand and dislocated finger I mentioned above was also a motorbike accident. Didn’t put me off either. :wink:

If you play every day then perhaps it’s just a bit overworked? I’ve had that before and taking a break for a day or two sorted it. Unfortunately it’s not the issue I have this time though.

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