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Hello Justin. I am listening to your cover for 14th time right now. I really like it. :slight_smile:
I would like to ask you only one thing before I jump in - you are telling us to use Old Faithful, but I can hear you are doing that extra up strum in end of pattern, that looks like Old Faithful Plus to me. For me that plus strum is better in every song and sounds “more connected” with following bar. :smiley: So how is that? Do I hear it correctly?

Hi @Carreta. You are right, justin is throwing in an extra up strum at the end of most bars which is how I tend to play old faithful on most songs. I agree with you that as a general rule it sounds more connected.

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Hey there again,

It’s been few days and I would like to ask where is problem inside me…

I started to learn this and I had chord progression and strumming immediately. But when I try to put melody in it my pattern, timing and accuracy breaks. It seems impossible to me. I am at grade 2 module 10. Working on F chord and C major scale - I can do them, not too much mistakes.
Is this OK in this stage I struggle with melody or should I go back and revisit something? Justin said it’s advanced for grade 3 and I thought I could be able to do it… but I can’t…
Did I answered to myself? :smiley:

I just want to say how much I appreciate the tab with strumming and time. I’ve always thought that would be helpful in other songs you do, It must take a bit of work to do but then ex[laining it takes so much less instruction time. Thanks for all you do. I’ve followed you stuff for years and it’s the best stuff on the web by far.