Broken - Seether (cover)

Hi all,

Here’s one I did earlier in the week. I hadn’t re-tuned the guitar since my last avoyp due to laziness - so I decided to cover Broken by Seether, which is also a song in flat tuning.
It has a nice little picking melody line that is used for about half the song, and the other half of the song is a few standard chords… still managed to have a couple of hiccup moments though.

Also my hyper-extending pinky & ring fingers are still in full overdrive for this one :slight_smile:
I had been experimenting a couple of times since last week to get a more natural bend on my pinky/ring fingers, but at this stage it disrupts my flow while actually playing songs. I’ll slowly keep chipping away at it when I can
As always all types of comments/feedback are welcome.


Very well done, Sandro! :clap:

The picking parts were really good to my ears (but I never heard the song before) and also liked you included the solo! Awesome! :smiley:

Regarding hiccups, I think it was only when switching from picking to strumming and maybe I wouldn’t even have noticed if you didn’t mention, as it was just for a tiny bit of a second. :sweat_smile:

That’s a nice tune, thanks for sharing it! Have to check it out myself. :smiley:

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Sounding good, Sandro. It’s a new song to me and you played it really well. It was a nice touch including the solo. As for the hiccups, never point them out as people will just go looking for them. You kept on playing which is the most important thing and if you hadn’t mentioned it people probably wouldn’t have noticed.

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Nicely done Sandro. I enjoyed that.

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Why I am I think Z2H lesson here ? :wink:
Very well played Sandro. Love this song especially the version with Amy. Nice to see you jumped in to the short solo as well. Must come back to the fingerstyle version one day, as boy singing over a simple chord version proved a challenged, syncing it with the chord changes. Great cover sir !

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cheers @Lisa_S @Socio Yep Lisa, I slightly got ahead of the vocals with my strumming a couple times so I had to do 1 or 2 slower strums to get back on beat. But as James pointed out, I’ll probably just zip my lip next time :zipper_mouth_face: :laughing:

@TonyHS @TheMadman_tobyjenner thanks guys. and yes Toby you guessed correctly :slight_smile: I did look for a Justin lesson first but he hasn’t done one for this song yet.


Hi Sandro,
Nice strumming and picking :sunglasses: :clap:
I should do something with that too … there is so much out there :see_no_evil:

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thanks for watching @roger_holland

You totally should! I remember a while ago you shared a dutch song that had some nice picking, which I enjoyed. Plenty of new things for all of us to discover around here :slight_smile: cheers

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That was great Sandro. Nice job on the picking.

Was that Amy Lee and Wes Scantlin doing that song?

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@SgtColon Thanks for checking this one out Stefan!

The guy is Seether’s lead singer Shaun Morgan. He was dating Amy Lee at the time that the band re-released their song as a duet version featuring her.

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I listened to this yesterday and forgot to comment. Sounded good Sandro.

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Beautiful Sandro, I’m not noticing the hiccups, I also have what feels like a need to call the out when I post too, must stop doing that.
This was a lovely chilled performance, I’d happily listen to just the guitar as an instrumental version.

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Thanks for the kind comments @jkahn and @Notter

Yep, we need to drill that into our heads haha