Brothers In Arms - early work in progress video

One of my all-time favourite tracks from Dire Straits. I’m still very new to playing lead licks. I thought Brothers In Arms would be an OK place to start, because the lead part isn’t very fast, but (as I’m learning) playing slowly and softly like this is its own kind of difficult! With all this crunchy gain, you can hear every little buzz and squeak so I’m having to pay a lot more attention to microscopic details than I’m used to.

I’ve just got the intro & first verse so far. I’m only about a week into learning this song but I’m having a good time. :smiley:


Hello Brendan, from another Dire Straits fan :smiley:. I’m still at the beginning of my guitar journey, so I haven’t done any lead playing yet. Just wanted to say, that I really like your first attempts :slightly_smiling_face:. The required softness you’ve mentioned, is definitely there - sounds really good :+1::clap:.
I’m looking forward to learn more about your progress with this beautiful song :blush:.

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For sure man. I couldn’t agree more. Slow can be very challenging and something I really have to work at too.
I think it’s good to be fast, but slow, ya really gotta hear the music to make it sound right.
Cool video Brendan. I like that ya did slow on your Ibenez. I’m down with the contrast.


Haha, thanks. I wish I could say it was some kind of cool stylistic choice but the Ibanez is simply my primary guitar. I only have the 2, and the Ibanez is definitely the higher quality one. I very rarely reach for my Squier anymore.

Having said that, I did play the rhythm part on my Squier on this song, just for some variety. I was thinking, if I end up learning the whole song and making a full video, it would be neat to cut between me playing the chords and the leads on the two different guitars.

That was cool Brendan. The first album I ever bought was Brothers in arms. Really great progress for just one week. Keep going and I look forward to hearing the completed version.

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Really a good start Brendan, definitely one that’s climbing really fast on my wishlist :grinning:

My only suggestion would be to work on a tone a bit more. Your is a bit muffled and lacks a bit of delay/reverb. But other than that good luck with learning it!

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Thanks Adrian!

I freely admit I am a noob when it comes to tone, so thanks for the tip on that. All I did was randomly try crunch plugins in GB until I found one that sounded close enough and then fiddled with the knobs and switches, no real idea what I am doing with it though.

For the rhythm part I went clean.

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Terrific start on a beautiful song after just a week’s work Brendan!

Only suggestion I have is that some bends are falling slightly short. For example the one at ~0:16 on the G string is a full tone bend and just needs a tiny bit more pressure to get there and then a release before it comes down in tone again. (On the record it sounds like he’s doing a swell with the volume knob at that point, which is incredibly difficult, but I think it will sound great even without that).

Look forward to hearing the full version, although I know that’s a lot of work and you’re in it for the long haul!

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I don’t know the song so don’t know what it’s supposed to sound like. However, I thought yer tone was very good. Again. You had contrast, slow music, with a bit of distortion. I thought it was tasteful. There’s also a lot to be said for clean I think. Clean is very unforgiving and can be really hard to do.

Exactly. When I’m doing two parts I usually use different gear for the parts for variation of tone.

imho, keep reachin for either or. Give that squier some love too. :slight_smile:
I’m like you in that I only play two different guitars (electrics). But I try to go back and forth. They produce different tones. Different tools for different jobs. Humbuckers and single coils are surely different flavors.
While I don’t do plugins, I do have 3 vary different amps. I use all three of them depending on what tone I’m chasing.
Variety, the spice of life. :slight_smile:

Thanks Phil, I am sure you’re right about the bends. I am very inexperienced with bending, and my ear isn’t good at detecting whether it’s hitting the right upper pitch or not.

I definitely need to put in some dedicated time just on bending. :+1:

Hi Brendan,

Promising start for a classic tune.
Looking forward to hear how it develops.


Keep going mate, such a rewarding song to play once you get it down, you got the notes down, just needs some care and attention on the touch of it once you get the tune memorized. Be strict with your bends, practice the same bend over and over and train yourself to hit it everytime.

Great start though, hope to see you progress as you go along!

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