Brown Eyed Girl - Intro Riff - Query

I am only on Module 5 (plus G chord) but I intend to use this song as one of the five for Grade 1 and thought I would give the Intro riff a try.

See extract from the song book

My query is the the last bar, after playing the 2nd and 3rd strings together on the 7th and 10th fret it then seems to pick the 2nd string 7th fret twice. That’s my query if watch the video and with the subtitles Justin only says play the 2nd string once. Not done ear training yet but if you listen to the original I don’t hear that note either. Only doing Module 1 of music theory with no previous knowledge, the 7 and 8 are link so not sure what the symbol connecting them means. I am inclined to think it means as Justin suggests a small bar over 2nd and 3rd sting in the video you only hear the 8th fret even if your finger is also on the 7th.
Any thoughts.

I also saw that in the book and it didn’t seem quite right

Last bar works better for me as:

7 7 8 10

Listen to the song for the rhythm. I slide from 7 to 8

Hey Mat,

The curved line is called a ‘tie’.
It means the second instance of the note is not played, but rather the first notes duration is extended to 2 eighth notes. Ie. a quarter note.


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Thanks that sort of makes sense. Not got that far in music theory to have worked that out.

As Shane said it’s tie so in practice just play the note once and let it ring.

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