Bruce Springsteen in concert

Only 30 minutes to wait until The Boss enters the stage.
I’m soooo excited :star_struck:!!


Enjoy :smiley:

Are you wearing your “I performed a Boss song at a JGC OM” t-shirt?



Have fun :sunglasses:

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Have a fab evening, Nicole :smiley:
I’m dead jealous :sob:

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I’m sure it will be a great show, enjoy. It’s a long time since I saw him.

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The Boss always put on a great show, Have fun

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He normally plays very long shows if I remember correctly. What’s the venue?

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Have great evening Nicole, enjoy every minute of it !

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Wish you lots of fun, Nicole! Enjoy. The Boss is always a pleasure seeing and hearing perform.

A few years back, I was lucky to get some tickets for Berlin, unforgettable! :smiley: Have a wonderful time!

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I hope you had a great time at the concert Nicole.

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How did I miss this, Nicole…Did you have fun? :grinning:

Saw him in 2006 and it was surely one of the best concerts I have ever experienced.

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Hey Nicole, you look so excited!! :slight_smile:
How was it in the end? Hope you had an amazing night.

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:joy::sweat_smile::joy: That sounds great :joy:.
But I was actually wearing this shirt:


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Thanks a lot for your kind words :hugs:. It was an amazing event :star_struck:. Bruce Springsteen rocked the stage for 3 hours without a single break :astonished:. I wish, I’m as fit when I’m 53 as he is right now at the age of 73 :sweat_smile:.
He played songs from various stages of his career. And yes, he played The River as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Interestingly , Born in the USA wasn’t part of the setlist. But I didn’t really miss that song. Maybe, I’ve heard it already too often :grin:.

My resume, it was a fantastic evening with lots of great songs. It was obvious, that Springsteen still loves to play live. At some parts, he even became quite emotional (e.g. while singing Last Man Standing). I hope, it wasn’t the last time he came to Austria :blush:.


Hi Stuart, yes, he was playing for 3 hours without a single break. Now I know why the tickets were so expansive :sweat_smile:.

The concert was at the stadium in Vienna with about 50,000 fans :smiley:.

Ahh Vienna. Very nice city. Went their in November a few years back with all the Christmas lights out. Seem to recall we went to a classical music show at one of the theatres. Lots to see and do.

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