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I don’t know if I posted this correctly but this is me playing along with my son. We performed on our porch two months ago. Hope you like it.



Hey Bruce what a great entry song, wow your son has some lungs! To sing Dave G takes some cojones! You played really well, great job! Very odd camera angle though but hey sound is the main bit!

Thank you for the kind words. Should the community need some head on video (like to be considered for open mic), I may be able to find deep in my phone. Nice performance today, Adi.

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Thanks Bruce, obviously mods are ones making a final call but personally I think it qualifies :wink:

Wow this is really nice.

Hope you guys continue to do great jams!

I like how your son takes this song and makes it “his”.
What a timbre. Dude’s gonna make it big if he can keep his sincerety and authenticity.

I had vibes of Jake Bugg and the singer of the Box Tops The Box Tops - The Letter (Audio) - YouTube

Well dang, I just welcomed you in a different thread and suggested you perform a duet with your son and here it is! Your son has a great voice, and you seem to play pretty darn well, too!

Wow. Thanks for the kind words, y’all!!

This was great :smiley: Some really nice playing and you must be so proud of your son. He is an amazing singer :slightly_smiling_face:

Bruce, firstly that sounded pretty good.

To get into the spirit of the Community and our OMs, I suggest a fresh recording that would be representative of how you’d set up and perform in the OM (rather than one from the archives).

The intent behind this is firstly for performers to become active and known in the Community and secondly, gives us the opportunity to support potential performers in terms of feedback prior to their OM debut.

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Hello Bruce, and welcome to the Community.
For OM eligibility, we ask that recordings be newly made since becoming a community member, not archive recordings made before.
We have recently revised our eligibility and access arrangements - see here.

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Good song choice Bruce, really suits your songs vocals, who did a grand job. Solid playing from your good self as well, :sunglasses:

Thanks so much

Wow, that was a great performance from both of you, Bruce! :+1: :clap:

Hope you’ll continue having fun making music together, your son has a true gift with vocals like that. Your accompaniment was decent as well. :smiley: Looking forward to hearing more of you, guys. :slight_smile:

Hey, all. Please check out my video. Bruce


Lovely to see you and your son playing together, Bruce. I am sure you two will go down well at a future OM.

How do you make your recordings? If possible I’d have liked to hear your son a little louder. But understand that it may be as good as it gets depending on how you record. But him having a mic makes me think you have some options.

I will delete the duplicate posts in the Beginner’s safe space topic. That topic is for those just getting started who may be a little too nervous to post their own topic in AVOYP.

You’ll soon get the hang of how the Community works. Richard, Lieven, and I as Mods are here to help you out when you get stuck or mis-step. Don’t worry about it.

I took the liberty to edit the title a little.

Have fun, get involved

Thanks a lot, David. I look forward to the experience in the community.

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Hi Bruce and Zack! Both of your videos were amazing! What a voice Zack! Looking forward to hearing more!

Really appreciate the positivity!

Hmmmmm, not sure how I missed this one Bruce.

Both videos were great and really well played and sung by your son and you.

What a great treat to be able to play and sing with your kids.

Sgt, thanks so much for the encouraging words. Hope to see you on the OM later in the month.

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