Bruno's skewed af learning logs

HeyOH, i dont have any AVOYP’s yet but i just wanna list some things i learned and can either play decently to abhorrent in a ~songbook~ style list thingy also i started practicing on 6/5/2023)

just songs in general i know

The animals - The house of the rising sun (the rake one)
The monkees - i’m a believer (strummy bits and the initial riff)
The outkast - hey ya! (decent, g to c is still a bit weird even though i can do that change well)
Oasis - Wonderwall (well enough)
Oasis - Champagne supernova (not the solo dear god-)
LoveJoy - Portrait of a blank slate (the clean guitar)
White Stripes- Seven Nation Army (only a bit wonky on the power chord tranistion)

now for riffs,solos and little bits of songs:

Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit (solo)
Nirvana - Come As You Are (riff)
Lovejoy - Portrait of a blank slate (the initial dist guitar riff lel)
Metallica - Master Of Puppets ( the beginning but barely)
Age of Inquisiton ost - Rise ( the beginning kind of)
JImi Hendrix - Hey Joe (riff and the strummy bits)
Peter gunn theme riff
Cream - sunshine of your love ( riff)
La bamba riff
Metallica - nothing else matters (beginning bits)
Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven (the first and half of the second part of the beginning! the forsaken song :o)

and uh…thats it for songs, i guess the other thing are the C major scale, E pentatonic scale and the pattern 1 for the minor and major pentatonic scales…

gear i use is
a tagima speical series s stratocaster, its my dad’s guitar so idk the exact name or model
a sheldon amp

for pedals i have a onerr distortion pedal and a boss GT-1 effects processor…

also i got a casio keyoboard i plan on using at some point and a very wack “jennifer” branded purple strat wich im surprised even plays, actually i dont know if its a strat since it has four knobs and a thicc neck-

i guess thats it idk what else to put-

weirdly fun stretching exercise: get pink on ctrl and the index finger on the i, idk its a weird stretch



am i trying to “fly a jet before i can even walk”? i genuienly cant tell-

Is A Video Of You Playing

R. :slight_smile:

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oohhh thanks!

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Sounds like you’re doing alright. Tackle the course, easier stuff, hard stuff that takes your fancy. Just make sure you play every day.

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Hey Bruno, great stuff! Follow Justin’s course, learn the songs appropriate for the grade you’re on (to practice the techniques you’re learning) and have a go at more advanced songs and riffs that you love (to keep it fun) and you’ll soon be impressing us all with your playing, I’m sure!

When you get to the point of learning some music theory, you’ll find it much easier to understand with a keyboard in front of you!

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Actually it’s Audio Video Of You Playing. :smiley:
Good job Bruno getting your LL started. You’ve told us what you can do but the way to get encouragement, support and feedback, is to show us what you can do. Perhaps post some videos of the songs you’ve mentioned. :+1:



I can’t counnt how manie times I’ve typed this wrongie :blush:

And it’s just there at the bottom of every post there …Arrgghhh


Hi Bruno
Nice stuff and every day is a great day to learn something about guitar and/or theory or other stuff related to all this :blush: :sunglasses:

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thanks, and yeah i really should do that but most of my problem is either finding some of the songs boring or just me not liking them lel, but ill try to follow some of them

thanks! i really doubt ill be able to impress anyone anytime soon, i mean i am at the beginnign stages but still-

When you get to the point of learning some music theory, you’ll find it much easier to understand with a keyboard in front of you!

ye! i definetly feel that, though i kind of ruined the keys since i scribbled each note name on them- but still though, either it’ll be easier or harder to learn the theory!

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thankss, i am working on recording myself playing some of the riffs and then moving onto the harder songs, gon take a while i think but i’ll get there eventually-

yee, i try to practice atleast once a day but sometimes im either too tired or just have/feel like doing something else, but i do practice things often!

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