Brushy One String. If you havnt heard him give a listen he good

Is there some way we all can request justin teach Brushy One String’s song Chicken in the corn…
Its a great song. But would be great if justing sings it too. If he watches the live video he’ll think we are all stupid asking him to teach a song by a Jamaican playing the only string on his guitar.
Would be like the video for red neck from blake shelton.

To be honest. Even with one string there is lots to unpack an teach. Like the precussive beat heas doing the rhythm he follows to keep that island vibe. It looks so simple with only a string. But he is in the groove like justin keeps telling us to find.
Above is a link to another of his songs i like. Its called rising up.

Maybe it’s because I’m playing the video on a tablet with a small speaker, but all I hear is the percussion of him tapping the guitar body. I don’t hear the guitar string tone at all. It’s essentially guitar as bongo drum.

No, there’s definitely some melody going on there, more like a bass line than anything else. He’s even playing it like a bass guitar.



Justin used to have a request a song lesson form on the main website. I don’t see it any more. I suspect it’s because he receives thousands of requests and doesn’t really have a chance to address all of them.

EDIT: Found it, I wasn’t looking hard enough:

But you aren’t going to get everyone to vote this particular track just because you like it.

I, for one, wouldn’t vote for it.



Lol was worth a shot. He is good though. An im sure it came from working with what he had. Growing up or when he was learning. An he used it well.

He is great! a good reminder that you don’t need lots of gear to make music. But I have to admit that from a guitar teaching point of view maybe it’s not the most exciting song

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