Bryan Adams - I'm Ready

Hi guys,

Here’s a quick little project from me. The old Bryan Adams track “I’m Ready” from the “Cuts Like a Knife” album… so the ‘rock version’.

Usually I tend to work on, and post here, much more epic and complicated projects with a ton of technical stuff. But the truth of the matter is, that this kind of music is much, much closer to what I tend to play when I go out to play gigs with bands etc. And tbh, it is also extremely satisfying to play this kind of “simpler” music, which is often very melodic and relies more on groove than technique…

I also wanted to demonstrate that you can make something sound good without the playing be too fast or technical… which I hope I have achieved here :wink:

I only cut 3 guitar track, two rhythm and one lead, over two evenings. So that’s another plus, compared to the bigger projects. Sometimes it’s fun to just get something done quickly :wink:

Anyway, here’s the track… hope you enjoy!



That was fun, Kasper, and as always the guitar tracks sound fabulous. I don’t know the original, but quite sure if I A/Bed with the original I’d struggle to tell the difference, such is the quality of your playing and the backing tracks you play over.

How are things going with the Band and gigs?

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Hi Kasper,
Nice that you also do these simple things :sweat_smile:… great guitar playing, tight as a razor…
I would also like to say something about your Mark Knopfler sultans of swingish recently,.....I thought that was really great and you can safely play this next to the big man himself, I also really liked that we could see playing you there.....I get irritated once every 2(?)hour (I try it about 4 times a day) that the first beginning (the first " impulse" Rack(?) ) of that song looks (sounds) not difficut , but…that for me typical Mark Knopfler start with this style of music…There will come a day when…I can’t wait for you to pull Your LL off the ground and share with us your journey and daily practice hours…Iig thanks for sharing,
Greetings ,Rogier

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That was rockingly good Kasper. What a great production. Fantastic singing and guitar playing. It took me right back to my yoof. :smiley:

Like Rogier, I would also like to say something about your Sultans of swing recording. That was also a brilliant recording. Sounded absolutely spot on to me.

Bravo for both recordings.

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Thanks guys!

@DavidP Band is doing fine, we’re in the “busy” months where people wants to throw summer parties and get married etc. Played a gig last week, and have a wedding this Saturday. Lots of fun!

@Rogier Thanks! Will try to write up the LL as soon as I can :wink:

@SgtColon Thanks! I need to clarify that I’m (unfortunately) not doing the singing here… just the guitars. Wish I could, but singing is best left to someone else :slight_smile:
These days I’m using backing stems, sometimes incl vocals (which is kind of new for me), from Quality varies, and a lot of their tracks have quite heavy accents on the vocals… but this one I liked. Other times I only use the instruments - for example, in my Iron Maiden “Aces High” cover I could not use the vocals they had recorded (to be fair - tricky tune to cover as a singer) :wink:

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Hi Kasper,
great guitar work! Everything is very driving and technical.
And you’re right that sometimes it’s not necessary to chase the tooth-crushing high-speed guitar passages.
Anyway, Bryan Adams deserves you to do this cover :wink:
Keep on rocking,

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