Bug Report - Practice Timer issue

Hi ya’ll,

I’ve noticed an intermittent problem with the timer while using the Practice widget on the website (example: https://www.justinguitar.com/users/lamphunlamyai/practice#practice).
Sometimes (but not all of the time) I’ll hit the Practice timer button then flip over the the related link (In this case https://www.justinguitar.com/songs/pink-floyd-comfortably-numb-1-4-chords-tabs-guitar-lesson-st-321). I’ve got the timer set to 10 minutes.
I’m playing along, and playing along, and playing along…then think “this is 10 minutes?” and go back to check the timer which is not running. It maybe ran 5 to 10 seconds that stops. :thinking:
Then I click the timer and flip back and forth between the tabs and the timer but now it works? I can’t replicate it.

Go figure. I’ve worked in IT. Intermittent problems suck as they are difficult to replicate. But? Just a “heads up” in case anyone else sees this problem.

I think I’ll which to the Chromium browser for practice and see if I run into the same problem. Firefox has become increasing buggy and negatively affects a number of web programs I run. I’m also going to run the sysytem timer as a backup.

I’ve got one question too. Is there a keyboard short cut to start the Practice Timer instead of using the mouse?
Thanks! :+1:

Linux Mint 20.1
Firefox 117

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I encounter the same bug since a few months. It’s a pretty annoying bug.

It seems like the pratice assistant tab always need to have the focus and to always be visible.

As a workaround, I use 2 monitors on my PC. My first monitor always has the timer tab visible and the second monitor has the tab with the other content (like a .pdf or video).

Windows, Google Chrome.

Yeah, my primary workstation only has one monitor and I don’t have a video card capable of splitting the signal to a second monitor, but? I can set my laptop and an external monitor to each have their own focus. Of course another workaround is to just set another timer (like Gnome Clock in Linux).

The flakiness of the problem is that it doesn’t happen all of the time. But others have mentioned that it doesn’t seem to keep accurate time which leaves me thinking that this is a more common problem then reported. It’s just ex-Tech-Heads like myself who pick up on it and report it. (laughs) It ain’t the end of the world but just a minor PIA. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback.

Here’s a workaround. Open the application in two different browser. Set the time on one browser and use the other for the video lesson. That will work. “Doh” (headslap) :wink:

Oh, that’s great. Do you mean that I can use only one monitor and open 2 browsers ?

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Yepper-doodles! :clap: