Bugera PS1

Has any had experience owning or using a Bugera PS1? I have a 2 Notes Captor X, which is great, but I’d like to get a second ‘box’. Whilst the Captor X is great, it’s also quite expensive so I’m looking for a cheaper option. My main question is, does anyone know if the PS1 is a load box as well as an attenuator? I’d like to run my Marshall DSL 20 through it without having to attach a speaker cabinet.
I’d be grateful for any information, advice & suggestions.


Hi, I’m also keen to hear how the Bugera PS1 attenuator works as well. I have a 15 watt Fender Super Champ X2 combo for home use that pumps out a lot of volume, so I’ve been thinking of using an attenuator to dampen the volume without losing the sweet tube tones found when the amp is cranked a bit. Feedback from others on the forum regarding the Bugera especially, but attenuators for home use in general would be terrific.
Cheers to all, Paul

Update on my previous post !! I decided to go ahead and purchase a Bugera PS1 attenuator and so far it’s great. I have my amp cranked fully & it sounds better than I’ve ever heard it before. The PS1 soaks up the power but leaves plenty of tone & volume for my home situation, and it even seems to have gotten rid of that annoying hiss from my amp that I often heard. Really happy, and I managed to get it 10% off in a store promo ($179 Aussie dollars) - so even happier! I can recommend it for any home enthusiast like me.
Cheers, P

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Hi. Good to hear that you think the Bugera is a good option. I’m still wavering between getting one or not. When you have the power soak at maximum, is the amp essentially silent?


Gday Nick. With my 15 watt amp turned up fully to 10, the guitar volume to 10 and the Bugera turned all the way clock-wise to 100% (where the amp max vol is apparently at 50% normal vol) my amp is still pretty loud in a room at home. So I just dial the guitar’s vol down to get a level of volume I want . If the amp & guitar are left at 10 and I turn the Bugera all the way anti-clockwise to 0 there is just a hint of sound from the amp, almost nothing. So, you can therefore adjust the Bugera to anywhere you like between 0 and 100 to attain the vol/tone you generally want. But, as I said, I’ve been leaving it at 100 and tweaking the guitar vol and it’s been great.
Hope that helps a bit!!
Cheers, Paul

Hi Paul,
That’s great to hear. I’m strongly leaning towards getting one just to try it out. Sounds like a good investment to make and would I could use my 60watt Marshall combo!