Burritos and Coffee


Welcome to the Community, Andy.

Congrats on a first share in AVOYP. I enjoyed the song, your playing and singing.

I suggest in future you add just a little context in the post to support the share, rather than just posting up a video.

I also suggest you post an introduction in #community-hub:introduce-yourself, some personal background, guitar history, and goals/aspirations as a member of the JG Community.

Look forward to more music from you and you becoming an active member here.

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That’s a great little song. Made me smile. I’ve never heard it before; is it an original?

That was a lot of fun, thanks Andy.

That was great. Thanks.

That was great Andy. Really fun lyrics and well played and sung. You sounded a lot like Johnny cash singing that one. That was a lot of fun to listen to!

Yes it’s original. I wanted to try using the thumb and finger strum from one of Justin’s lessons.

That was a fun song Andy. I always admire an original and your thumb pick finger strum worked well.
Perhaps a chorus and/or a bridge to mix things up a bit?
Well done posting your first AVoYP.

Enjoyed that thx Andy.
Funny song well played and sung.

Hi Andy, what a nice and funny song :smiley:.
Really well played and sung. I also enjoyed the eye contact you’re holding with the audience :blush:. And, as @Eddie_09 has already mentioned, it’s definitely Johnny Cash-style. Overall, very enjoyable :clap::+1:. Keep up your great work :hugs:.

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Hi Andy!
Enjoyed your original, laugh out loud funny lyrics & it was well played! It also invoked Johnny Cash’s “One Piece at a Time”… very tongue-in-cheek!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!