Buskers style chords

I have seen on you tube buskers style chords. Has justin done any lesson on Buskers Chords. I ask because at Christmas I lost part of the tip of my index finger on my left hand and I find very painful and hard trying to play an F bar chord. As a beginner guitarist to keep myself go until I can play properly do you think buskers chords would work?

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@MarkRiches , I think I always describe myself as a “learning to play” guitarist, rather than I play guitar, but, here are my thoughts.
Initially, I always avoided anything with an F chord, out transcribed and used a capo to play an open chord I could play instead of an F.
I then started to be a bit more brave and used an Fmaj7 instead of a full F.
Then flattened my index finger fret e and B strings first fret, to make “little” F
I guess though, using your index finger with any chord at the moment is an issue?

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Hi Mark,

I’m sorry to hear about your accident, I hope the healing process won’t take too long.

As for “busker style chords”, I’ve never heard this term. Does it mean open chords?

Maybe you could try an open tuning where chord grips tend to be a bit less demanding.

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I have to admit In my 40+ year of playing I had to look up Busker Style chords. Never heard of them before. They seem to be what Justin calls Stuck 3&4 chords.


I think this might be what many people call ‘cowboy chords’ … basic open position chords C, A, G, E, D, Am, Dm, Em, maybe D7, E7, G7 too.


Thats what I was look ing for thank you

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