Buying a left handed electro acoustic

Want to buy a left handed electro acoustic. Looking to pay no more than £120 to £180 and would welcome comments on where to look and if buying a second hand guitars online is worthwhile and maybe the best and most reliable place to look. Many thanks
Hoping to hear of anyone’s comments

Try Thomann. Darrell will be along in a minute to recommend Harley Benton, so as he keeps stealing my Kitty I beat him to it (in house joke). Ignore the first 5 but this is a starter for 10.
can you push to 250-300 smackers ? It will open up some good options.

Left Hand Acoustics


PS Just notice its your first post. Welcome :wave:

Welcome to the Community, Michael.

Can’t help with your questions, sure others will reply to add to Toby’s.

I can suggest as a next action you introduce yourself over in #community-hub:introduce-yourself, sharing a little personal and guitar background, your aspirations, and where you’re at with JustinGuitar.