Buying Backing Tracks

Hello JG Gang. I want to buy the Jam Blues Vol 1 Deluxe Edition. When I went to the basket to buy it it said if i already have an account to log in. I put my log in for JG in but it didn’t recognise me. Is this a different account from my JG website log in? Do i have to create another account so i can buy things? Thanks

Also - forgot this bit - will i be able to access everything from the website? I don’t have an i phone or the JG app so I only use the website. Thanks very much.

Hi Shell,
I took a look at it till the almost end, but here everything goes as usual like with any other order, … I can’t help you any further, maybe call @larynejg ?
as far as i know, no other login is required,…not here .
Good luck,.and for later great fun :sunglasses:


Should be the same login but I’ve not bought in a while. The BTs should come as audio file downloads, at least mine did when I bought the Blues and Jamtrack BTs a number of years ago.

While you are trying to get answers or sort it out, why not have a look here
plenty of genres and lots of slow blues, which would suit what you doing at the moment, given your other post.


Hello Shell!

That’s a different account from; it’s actually a Shopify store, and creating an account is optional (you can check out using PayPal, Google, or Apple Pay!)

When buying a Jams, you’ll receive an email with the Download link and the invoice. This product doesn’t show up in your dashboard.

I hope this clarifies, but please let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance.


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Thanks ever so much for having a look Roger. I really appreciate it. Think @larynejg has explained it. Groovy backing tracks here i come. It’s so much fun. :smiley:

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Thanks ever so much Toby. I’ve checked out the elevated jam track site and saved it so i can go straight to it rather than zipping around the internet looking for tracks . Am rather a beginner at the blues but loving it. One day i might be able to knock out a decent solo! :grin:

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That makes perfect sense Laryne. Thank you so much for explaining that for me. I’ll crack on and get them bought now. :smiley:

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