Buying new electric guitar

Hello everyone I am dret from India and am thinking to buy electric guitar but my budget is kinda tight so looking for like under 20k INR .Am confused should I buy electric guitar like i had acoustic lower end guitar which is kinda old now .
I researched some guitar like Yamaha pac012 fender squire newen strat .
Please give suggestions

Hi Vivek and welcome to the forum! :grin:
You can not go wrong with Yamaha or Squire. Both are excellent choices and gives you a lifetime of joy.

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Vivek Squire do make good guitars and at a reasonable price a strat type or tele would be a good choice or if you prefer Gibson types try Epiphone but they are quite expensive for a starter.I have 2 squires and very pleased with them.

Hiee trond soon gonna join join you and learn electric guitar take care of me😁.
So as a beginner yamaha pac012 good for me .Like am not rich guy to afford so I want something durable and beautiful when I play it.?
I wont regret right?

Actually tele one will be out of my budget as my budget including amp going way beyond my parent decided budget…
Well which fender squire suitable for me? Campare to yamaha c012 …
And am also looking for amp so am going with marshal 10amp one is that good?
And thankyou for having me as electric newbie😁

Hi Dret

I always buy second hand if I can, much better value for money as a rule.
If you are looking at an electric then squire are generally good value, I’ve got a squire telecaster and love it.
Good luck with the search, I hope you find something great!

Hello and welcome to the Community.
Fist of all, what music you like and want to play? If you want to play something heavier then it’s better to get a guitar with at least one humbucker. Both Squier and Yamaha are excellent choices, great guitars for the money.
As for amp my suggestion will be buying something digital. But they’re out of your budget, so consider buying it later. I think it’s better to play unplugged for a few month and then getting a good amp then getting something cheaper and then spending even more money upgrading it.

If you can’t afford a decent amp right now, I’d consider a cheap headphone amp