Buzzing sound from electric guitar

Hey y’all got this Squire Stratocaster from someone local. They put new strings on and it sounded fine in the beginning. Honestly when the guitar is in standard tuning I don’t get a buzz. But I was practicing some Foo Fighters Everlong so I was tuned down a step on the Low E and once that string got to a D it started buzzing randomly when playing it. Even when I was playing Barre or Power chord on that string it stilled buzzed. Take a look at the pictures I’ve attached please help out a guitar noob lol. Thank you!

lower tuning, less tension on the strings, slight change to bow on neck etc. you might need to tweak the action or neck relief or use slightly thicker strings


There are a handful of things to pay attention to:

  1. high fret just forward of the buzzy one (this is what I expect)
  2. neck relief too flat (not too likely since you are at the 8th fret)
  3. bridge too low - can’t tell the string height from images, but this seems unlikely
  4. your fingers are too far back from the fret - you mentioned finger placement trouble in a previous post. make sure your finger is just behind the fret
  5. you are picking the string way too hard - this becomes quickly evident when you down-tune and strings loosen so they vibrate further with the same picking strength

1-3 can be adjusted out with the right skills and tools. getting a “setup” is the common way to have this done.
4-5 are things you need to determine for yourself. place fingers and pick experimentally. see if you can fix the problem with better technique.

Also don’t worry too much. A bit of fret buzz can be ok. As I understand it, if you want a guitar with low action, it’s always a balancing act between the low action and going too low you end up with a bit of fretbuzz. If it’s just the low E string when tuned down, and it sounds ok when put through your amp, I wouldn’t fret (!) too much!

Just my two pence!