Hey Friends! I finally strummed out another one after a long time frame.

This is a fairly simple Beginner song, except for the fast BPM in the Intro RIFF. I think Justin may have played it around 140. During my initial practice, I started out as low as my Metronome allowed (30) and worked up to around 70-80 and then used it in the recording. So the intro is half as slow as it should be but the rest is up to speed I think. I’ll keep that on a practice schedule to see if I can continue to speed it up.

On the recording side, one track is Guitar & vocals together. (I think next time, I will try them on separate tracks). Track two is Harmony Vocals; track three is guitar and four is a duplicate of three.

I used Compression, Reverb and EQ on Vocals/Guitar and Harmony (Tracks 1 & 2) & Panned in the Middle. On the duplicate Tracks, I used Reverb and EQ & panned left & right. Also, I lowered the Volume on the Harmony to be a little lower than the Main Vocal

I feel that some parts on the instrumentals may sound muddy. If anyone hears it too, any ideas on what it is and how to fix it? Also, any other constructive feedback is welcome.


That was really well done Pam! Sounded good to me. Looks like a bunch of effort went into recording and production. I can’t really comment on any muddiness, I listened on my phone.

The intro will get up to speed eventually with more practice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Pam,
I found nthis a wonderful performance :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap: :bouquet:… you could have left out the intro for now as far as I’m concerned, I already forgot it existed…
Despite the lyrics, I always think this is a wonderfully cheerful song and I am very happy that this is my first song of the day … and probably my last for today … so I can continue the day with a smile, thank you for that :smiley:

Edit 3 hours later : Hi Pam, I would like to add that trying the intro is appreciated and I don’t find it disturbing at all (the opposite is true)…that would only be the case if you start very well and then have a lesser piece that is out of time/timing or whatever and then continues well while you make such a good tech production of it… (because putting a lot of time in it)

Now you start a little less and that is extra nice to see when you BANG into the room with the rest of the song :sunglasses:

Hi Pam, I wanted to say more or less the same as Rogier. Very well done :smiley::+1::clap:!!
And yes, the intro really looks tricky. I’m sure, I would have skipped it completely for the moment. But big compliment from me, that you took on the challenge to play it at least at half speed.

Like many other songs, this one has such a nice and funny melody, but sad lyrics. This always confuses me a bit :upside_down_face:.

Playing and singing suited well together. You did really great on the strumming :+1:.

I’m really impressed by your production skills. This is something, I have absolutely no clue how it works or even where to start. You’ve definitely put a lot of time and effort into it. Very well done :clap::clap::clap:.

Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

Brilliant Pam. Loved the Harmony and the strumming. As others @roger_holland @NicoleKKB have said you could have left out the intro for me. And an example of production skills I’ve got to get to grips with in 2024. Thank you.

Great stuff Pam. A lovely start to my day. Wow you’ve turned into a techie producer! That a door that’s still shut to me. :smiley:
You’ll get that intro nailed with a bit more practise. Super vocal and I loved your harmonies, you really captured the Everly vibe. Now that’s a techie trick I’d like to try.
Lovely steady strumming and the muted strums worked well and added to the performance.
If I was to be picky I’d say you could add more dynamic to the pattern by emphasising beats 2&4 a bit more.
Well done. You’ve put me in the mood to listen to some Everly Bros music today!
Happy New Year to you when it comes and let’s have more from you in 2024.

The world needs more Pams! :smiley:
Positive, upbeat, happy to share the journey you’re on.
Bravo! :sunglasses:
I enjoyed the intro. It demonstrated the awkward bits of learning.
I couldn’t detect any muddiness but agree it would be better to record guitar and vocals separately if you are doing a ‘production’. You have a good voice and it should have been more prominent in this performance.
As to the ‘mismatch’ of style and content, I’ve always enjoyed jaunty songs with depressing lyrics like Lucky Ball & Chain or Flowers on the Wall :rofl:
Have a great 2024

Hi Pam,
I guess with this posted, we can start on our joint project soon… :weary:

Very nicely done. Thanks for running down how you produce the mix! I too am not hearing a lot of muddiness. A lot of time EQ can help sort out them muddy spots. For instance, if a kick drum and bass are clashing and making a muddy day of it. One could EQ the bass on direction and the drum kick another. Another idea might be to place 2 tracks that combine to a muddy experience into different areas of the audio stereo field…

I loved your vocals and harmony! Your play was tasty and sounded great. Great job all around and nice work with the picture in picture scenes! Maybe rubbing elbows with others has allowed you to progress to where you are now. In time, it will only get better I think! Keep up the good work as it is fun to see your progress!

All the best and happy NY!

Very enjoyable, the strumming was good and consistent and your vocals go with the song. I didn’t hear any muddiness. Like everything, practice will sort the intro out.

@jkahn Thanks for the listen and happy you enjoyed the song. It is a bit of a challenge on the recording front. I just do the basics so far, but if willing to go deeper, there is a lot to learn in the field of recording. Yeah, others aren’t hearing muddiness either. Hopefully it was just me worrying about it.

I’ll keep on practicing the Intro. Others have said I should have left it out. I had thought about just putting it in my Learning Log, but then just decided to keep it all in one recording.

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Great job; very consistent playing with stable and pleasant singing

Cool production btw, what application do you use for your video montage?

Your vocal could be a tad louder for me but once again, very cool how oyu blended this together in a sweet end result

Pam and Pam that was a very enjoyable and well done production. Some really good playing and lovely vocals. As others have said you will get there with the intro in due time. Like @brianlarsen I enjoyed the intro. It’s a guitar learning community, therefore, I think it is better to show progress than perfection; you are certainly making lots of progress. Wish you all the best for 2024.

@roger_holland I’m glad you decided it was OK to include the “slower than it should be” Intro. You might would hear a similar situation in my “Ramblin Man” song (Not posted except for vocals only in LBros feed) which also has BPM I can’t hit.

Haha, I like that! I should have emphasized the BANG a little more :laughing:

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Hi Pam,

that was just lovely! What a pleasure to listen to. :smiley:

Kudos for the effort you put in the total production, it was definitely worth it given the result. That was a great overall performance, but what I loved most was the beautiful harmonizing you did. :clap:

As I’m a total newbie to production at all, there is only one tiny little thing I would address: I would have loved your vocals a tad bit louder in the mix. You have such a lovely voice, I really wanted to hear it louder. But that’s probably also a matter of taste. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this little treat with us. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for next bit, already looking forward to it! :smiley:

@NicoleKKB Hey Nicole! Nice to hear from you. I appreciate the listen. Since it is a Beginner’s song and I consider myself Middle Intermediate (sort of), I feel I should at least try the little extras Justin mentions in his videos.

It does have sad lyrics/upbeat melody. Kind of odd like several other songs. I guess that’s just a part of the creative process some way or another. Anyway, it was a Hit for The Everly Brothers so I guess it works! :wink:

Thanks for complimenting my strumming. If I could just figure out how to lessen the clicking sound my pic keeps making. Still working on that.

Thanks about the production. If you ever decide to jump in, I know a few on here who are more than happy to assist in the learning process.

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@JohnnyW Thanks, Johnny! Glad you liked the Harmony, strumming and production. I see you are interested in getting involved in production (I went and read your “Topics” posts). When you get started, I would love to hear something from you whichever route you take.

Very nice, Pam! I enjoyed the overall production, guitar and vocals with harmony were great. I like seeing the intro in there, you said in advance that it’s at half speed so I know it’s work in progress, and definitely you will get it up to speed the more you practice it. Great to see you posting something again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Super sweet and well played! Had to give it a couple of solid listens. :slight_smile:

I’m a firm believer in keeping things that I need to work on in some of my tracks. What I like about keeping the intro in there is that it sets you on a path of working on triads for intros and outros.

Some future thoughts:
I probably would not have stayed true to the song, and would have looked for a way to make the mood of the music match the lyrics. Maybe more minor and/or 7th chords, tempo slowed down in some way or style. I just thumped it out using major 7th chord substitutions and it is definitely doable. The Everly Bros were a lot more upbeat about a breakup than I’ve ever been. LOL.

Well done, your voice and steady strumming were on point. A lot to like here. :+1:

You know, sometimes I just like to hear the simpler songs played well and with heart! I would say you have done an excellent job of this one!!

This much is for sure, your production skills are better than mine…actually, mine is at a good ole 0%! Lol. I slap my cellphone camera on and hope for the best, after a couple of make sure it works.:love_you_gesture:

Rock on sister!!:sunglasses::+1:

@sairfingers Hey Gordon!

Your songs are just fine the way they are. I always enjoy your performances. Have you ever tried an Everly Brothers song? I bet you could! You wouldn’t need any “ techie tricks”! :wink:

I pretty much emulated the things taught in the lesson re: the muted strings. It’s a good way to pick up new tricks. I guess during the performance, I just forgot to include dynamics. I’ve got to work that technique into my muscle memory. Thanks for reminding me.

Will do my best to show up more this year. Look forward for more from you too! Thanks for listening and commenting.