Bytron08 - April 2022 - Imagine Dragons, CCR, REM, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol & more

My setup consists of a street cube amp, regular mic, my trusty Taylor guitar, the rc 30 looper, and for recording I used my 1080p webcam a Samson g track pro for recording audio a desktop pc. I use a .48 mm flimsy neon pick lol. My whole setup is wireless and runs off batteries so I can perform anywhere!!! Hope that helps!!

Yeah man. That helps a lot. Taylor makes really good guitars. The one I play most often is a Martin X series. Both are comparable in sound! I will check out some of the recording equipt. Keep rocking in-love your videos.

I should have noted that the program I record with is OBS sorry about that!

Thank you think!! THis took me a few trys before i got the looping perfect not gonna lie, just not use to it yet.

Yes indeed, thanks Bytron.

Wow. Live looping. Well done Byron that was great, no stopping you now man!

Thanks sairs man i really appreciate it!! HAHA I know right! This will probably be one of my first songs that i perform at open mic night on the 14th!!! :slight_smile:

Sweet! I think im starting to learn how to navigate lol.

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Just wanted to say thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments and such, you guys don’t know how much I appreciate it!!! :slight_smile:

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So the percussion is from my guitar pickup and not the mic? Interesting… Ill have to test it.

I noticed when i turn my knobs up on my guitar i get feedback, guess maybe its cus my amps to loud? This stuff is complicated lol.

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Where is your guitar in relation to the amp? Perhaps a change to that position will help, especially if the guitar is close to the amp with sound hole facing the speaker?

Its pretty close, ill give that a try! Thanks David!

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Yes proximity is a bummer, depending on outlook. If you want to maintain the “happy wife happy life” don’t sit in front of the underdesk amp with the volume and grain pumped up, especially with an LP and the missus sitting next door !

Thanks toby! Lol that sucks! I thought it had something to do with my microphone

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Yeah, I’ve not pumped up the master volume on my amp much beyond 3. I can crank the gain full on and the volume to midway, which sounds good but control loudness with that master volume.

@Bytron08 it is the sound waves entering into the body of the acoustic which causes all the havoc. YOU can get a cover to plug the sound hole which might help.

Sounds about right. If I detach the headphones with vol on 5/10 and master on 3/10 I can maintain marital bliss !

A sound hole cover will lesson the feedback Byron and relatively inexpensive.
Found a “local” source to give you an idea–cordoba-soundhole-cover-for-classical-guitar


I suspect if I open my sliding door and turn up gain, volume, engage True Valve Power, and turn up the master volume the neighbour may be calling the missus before the cops :laughing: All that from a 15W modelling/solid state amp.

Lol thanks guys i may have to give that a shot!! Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Hey guys so i relearned this song again so i can perform it in front of my pre k students at my elementary school. Teached asked me if i could play for them on music day or something like that so i said sure!!! This is the song ill play and sing for them!! Thoughts? Have You Ever Seen The Rain Cover - YouTube