Bytron08 - April 2022 - Imagine Dragons, CCR, REM, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol & more

Hey guys im loving this thing so far!!! Enjoy! Lemme know what yall think!! I need to think of ways to make it less repetitive though cheers! Looper Pedal Practice Track - YouTube

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (looper)

CCR - Have You Ever Seen The Rain: Bytron08 - April 2022 - Imagine Dragons, CCR, REM, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol & more - #60 by Bytron08

Simple Minds - Don’t You Forget About Me

REM - The One I Love

Foo Fighters: Times Like These

Jason Mraz - I’m Yours

Ben E King: Stand By Me

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

Bob Dylan - Knocking On Heaven’s Door

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

Chris Isaak - Wicked Game

Imagine Dragons - Demons


You’ve taken to this looping like a duck to water, Bytron. It sounded pretty cool.

Do you have any control of the levels of each looped track? I think balancing the levels to get a good mix is tricky.

Watch out for your final loudness level on the rendered video. This one was a little loud (1.5dB) which means YT will lower it. I don’t know how they do that but it is likely going to mess with your dynamics.

Some ideas:

Firstly, you have two tracks on that looper, so you can bring things in and out. One tip I have seen is to record the percussive stuff in track one, and the record your “backing” chord progression into track 2. You can then turn off track 2 playback to go back to just the rhythm track and play different chords over it. In that way you can do a verse-chorus type performance.

For performance use, you could just use the looper for rhythmic parts, bring different percussive elements in and out of the performance using the two tracks, and then just strum and sing over. That’s what KT Tunstall does, for example, in Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. In this her loops are mostly percussive textures and the “woo-hoos” that go throughout the song.

If you get the right notes, you can also do percussive single-note riffs which will work over multiple chord sequences. Pete Honore does this quite a lot. Then you can overlay this with live strumming. Think “Eye of the Tiger” if you aren’t sure what I mean by this.

With the two tracks, I think you can switch between them so one is a verse and one is a chorus.

You can also use the undo to remove what you just recorded and then record something new.

Or you can just stop the looper and play something else, before restarting it,

Or you could just record a longer chord sequence which has more interesting changes, like a 12-bar blues.

Another option, if you have another instrument, is to connect an A/B switcher or a mixer in front of one of the inputs so you can overlay other sounds, like bass or a synth.

A lot will depend on your usage. What you do to create backings to play along to for practice will be different from putting together a performance.

By the way, the loop jam was great.




Wow thanks majik, yeah that makes more sense to me thanks for explaining!!! I need to figure out how to switch between the two tracks!!! I kinda know how ill have to look up a guide on the internet, man that just opened more possibilities with this thing thanks so much!

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Thanks David!! Yeah there is i think! Im not use to recording while plugged into a amp lol, guess thats why its so loud. Im still learning the ropes on this thing! Its so cool for sure!

Hey majik could I do the rhythm part on the guitar first on one track and then the percussion on the second track? ANd still do like you said except reverse?

Think im gonna try to write a song based on this anyone have any ideas what chords i could use for the chorus? The intro I got so far is G D C, what would go good into a chorus? Brainstorm with me guys!! :smiley:

They are great fun, Bytron. And you are doing great.

I also have one now ( a gift from @SS7) and posted a couple of jams up. Not yet at your level but sure is a great way to develop rhythm and coordination.

By the way, would you mind posting in this sub-category rather than the parent category (not a big deal but how we prefer) #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing

Yeah the really are!! Wheres your post at i wouldnt mind seeing it!! Yeah sorry about that im not sure usually where to post stuff like this at lol.

Same chords, different order, or different strumming pattern.



Here links to a couple of my looper jams on my channel: A noodle in A - YouTube, Dancing With Layla - YouTube

No sweat, not a biggie if you forget to post it into the sub-category, but saves me updating the post if you do remember.

Nice little jam there David!!! SO the drum beat was on your looper?

Sounding good Byron, you sure are having fun with your new toy!

No, I used an app on my tablet and played the drums through the amp’s aux input.

I got a bit of a chuckle out of this – the purpose of a looper, its one job in life is to repeat loops. You can stop and start the loop, add layers, but it will repeat otherwise. I will play to a repeating loop for hours sometimes and/or over the course of a week as well if I’m “scratch-padding” a good idea.

Maybe what you meant to say was that you want to make the loops (what you play into the looper and over the looper) more interesting? Where you place it in the signal chain, where and what pedals you use and an FX loop in your amp opens up a lot of options. It’s a tool for musical exploration and experimentation. Make your own rules.


Yeah your right CT thats what i meant to say lol. Im really having a blast with it though!!

I don’t see why not. Watching your Radioactive cover (great job, by the way) it looks like this is what you’ve done on that.



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Exactly. And the RC-30 has more options for that than most with the two tracks and a host of built-in effects.



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Hi Byron,
That was a lovely looper-rondo. :sunglasses:
You will have a lot of fun with this :grinning:

The funniest comment in a topic about loopers! haha :wink:

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