Bytron08 - April 2023 - Fireflies + Cold + Feel Good Inc + All Along The Watchtower

Hey guys heres another lineup for this month hope yall enjoy! Cheers! FireFlies Acoustic Cover Owl City - YouTube Cold Cover Chris Stapleton - YouTube Feel Good Inc Acoustic Cover The Gorillas - YouTube All Along The WatchTower Cover - YouTube


Great stuff, really liked all along the watchtower and feel good inc.

Thanks Alexis!! Really appreciate it man!

That was great. All songs were enjoyable to listen to, but Feel Good Inc felt extra special because you even sound like Damon Albarn. :slight_smile:

I liked them all, Bytron. Reminded me that for a while now I have been meaning to learn / record All Along the Watchtower. Maybe I’ll finally get around to it now.

Wow thanks guys!! Yeah I love how feel good turned out one of my fav songs

Sounding good, as usual. Feel Good - well, made me feel good.

Thanks oldhead!!! :slight_smile:

Four great covers there Byron. I really enjoyed the Chris Stapleton one but cracking jobs on, All along the watchtower and Feel good Inc.

Thanks man! Yeah im happy how they turned out!!! :slight_smile: