Bytron08 - December 2022 - James Blunt

Sup guys just wanted to share this one again with you guys. I absolutely adore this song!!! Hope you guys like it!!! :slight_smile: I love ballads, ballads are my goto genre of music lol. Enjoy! ♪♫ James Blunt - You're Beautiful (:Acoustic Cover:) (:Taylor Guitar:) - YouTube


Hey Bytron, trust you keeping well.

Really enjoyed the combination of the rhythm with the capo up on the dusty end and the lead licks you added on this one.

This is…beautiful! Good job Bytron , I enjoyed it :blush:

Hi Byron, that was beautiful. I liked your playing, very relaxed and constant strumming. Nicely done with the second guitar and singing was fine too! Really liked it :+1:

Thanks David!! Im doing ok, trying to get over a cold again… I seem to not be able to get well… Every time i turn around im getting sick! :frowning: Hope you are well as well!!

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Thanks Silvia im glad you enjoyed it!!! :slight_smile: <3

Hello Byron, wonderfully played and sung :star_struck:. I love this song, and your version is really great. Thanks a lot for sharing - and I hope, you’ll get healthy soon. Best wishes :hugs:.

Great job as always Byron!

Wow! :star_struck:triple threat: Rhythm, lead licks, plus vocals. :clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3: Well-played!

Well played and sung Byron. Loved the video in video of the lead guitar! Super stuff.

Beautiful song Byron and beautifully played and sung as always. :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :smiley:

Thanks you guys glad you guys enjoyed it!!! :slight_smile:

This came out good Byron! It sounded good to my ears. Only thing I was wondering is if your electric guitar on the solo parts, might have been a better gig? Not taking away from the acoustic solo play, but just thinking about that as you played.

All the best,

Great stuff Byron, impressive. Love that song (I’m a Blunt fan) loved the way you did the window in window and showed both melody and lead​:+1::+1:. Looking forward to the day I can pull that sort of thing off.

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Thanks @LBro Not sure but i think i would prefer the acoustic over electric for the lead on this, although my mom bought me a violin for xmas i wouldnt mind trying that out!!! Thanks @CD02 you will get there just keep at it!! How i do it is i imagine music in sections in the rhythm part and just count out 4/4s or something like that lol. Thats how i get my lead in sync when i record. Its a little more complicated than that but if you have any questions feel free to ask!!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Nicole!!! Yeah ive been sick for like 2 weeks now, just really congested and such. Im getting there though!!! :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Hi Byron,

You did fantastic as always. You keep getting better and better with each video. I hope you perform publicly. With your talent you certainly could be getting paid for your music. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks man!! I play at open mic nights every once in a while thats about it lol.