Bytron08 - Febuary 2023 - Again Original and In the Air Tonight, RadioActive, Sex and Candy!

Sup guys so i have been learning piano, figured i would learn another instrument besides the guitar! So far so good im really enjoying it! Anyways i have made a rough draft of my original song Again!!! Im just waiting for all my recording equipment to ship so i can redo it and make it sound even better!! I have a audio interface, a couple of condenser mics and a midi keyboard coming! :slight_smile: Cant wait! Anyways enjoy! In The Air Tonight Acoustic/Piano Cover 6th Day Learning Piano! - YouTube Again Original Acoustic Song BEDROOM RECORDED WITH BASIC RECORDING STUFF AND OBS!!! LEARNING PIANO!! - YouTube ♫Radio Active Cover Remastered (Imagine Dragons) One Man Band♫ - YouTube Heres Radioactive! I thought it turned out great!!! Enjoy! :slight_smile: Now Sex and Candy!! :slight_smile: Sex And Candy Cover - YouTube


Great stuff.

That’s a difficult song to cover because it has so many classic elements in the original: the slow build pads, the drum machine, Daryl Stuermer’s haunting guitar parts, the vocoders, and probably the most famous drum break in history.

But you did a great job and made it your own. Well done.



Thanks man!!! Yeah its def a good song for sure! I had alot of fun doing it! I just cant wait until i get all my recording equip tomorrow. I will probably redo it again!! :slight_smile:

I expect nothing less than this:

(Kidding, of course).



Lol right! :d

Excellent musical playing.

Brilliant Byron :+1:

Love the original, you’re really building up. :fire:

all jokes aside @Majik that is a great live version of that song and it’s really inspiring. Maybe something for my own to-do list…

@Bytron08 6th day of learning piano? I’d say that’s going well :smiley:

I love Daryl’s guitar parts in this version. It’s pure mastery: being able to make simple one or two-note lines with a bit of bending sound amazing.

The guy can shred a bit too, when it’s appropriate.



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yeah; I always loved how “haunting” the vibe was in that song and this live version has at least as much of that. When listening I was thinking just that: how well does he convey that vibe with playing the right things the right time…while playing so little notes. That’s brilliance on the basics, a sign of true mastery :smiley:

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Circling back to the original post.

@Bytron08 I noted that in some of the parts you weren’t singing in the same sort of rhythm as the original song. Was this a deliberate artistic choice?



@Majik Hey! Yeah i guess you could say that lol. I was just singing what i thought sounded good.

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@liaty Thanks man! I have worked hard on this song of mine! I wrote it like 2 years ago with the bare minimum but it has came a long way since then!!! :slight_smile:

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@LievenDV Thanks Lieven! Yeah as of that recording it was my 6th day! I plan on learning maybe another song over the weekend on the piano! Just trying to figure out all the chord names and finger positioning and such!


That was brilliant stuff Byron. I loved your original song and your cover of In the air tonight was cracking.

That is quite impressive Bytron after only 6 days of practice. They both sound great, but I liked especially your original song!

Thanks guys! I just added Radioactive! I thought it turned out pretty cool!! :slight_smile: Love my new setup!

You must have broke the bank with all the new gear! Your piano play puts me to shame. I need to spend more time there… and in many other areas as well. Good song, production and play. Enjoyed it and hope to hear more as you grow into your gear.

I know you busy and having fun, but don’t forget to get out and about in the community! :slight_smile:

Be well,

@LBro Thanks LBro!!! LOL yeah my wallet don’t look to good right now lmao!! But it was worth it!! I quit smoking cigs so that will save me a lot!! Been quit now for 2 weeks so far!! Yeah I’m trying to learn piano I just gotta memorize all the chords and such. I’m using ableton live as the daw and I think I like it better than reaper. But I ended up getting a Scarlett interface, 2 condenser mics, tripods, a akai mini play midi keyboard, and a 2k webcam along with cables and such. It all was like around 500 dollars lol. But well worth it!!!

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Sex and candy is now in! :smiley:

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