Bytron08 - January 2023 - Blink 182, Cold War Kids, Bryan Adams, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, FleetWood Mac

Nice work Byron. What’s too hard about the regular way of playing it?

Hey! Thanks jkahn! I mean its not really all that hard just a little tedious and repetitive. It tires my hand out having to keep sliding back and forth on one chord lol. Guess i need to build some hand/finger strength.

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Bytron, this is fine. As a member who posts in AVOYP frequently let’s see how this works out. Like all new approaches, we have to give it a go and review.

Now you have the ability to edit the first post, so I suggest when you post a new song in a reply to this topic then you can edit the first post to have a link to each reply that adds a new song, like a table of contents.

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Thanks David!!

Hey guys been awhile i did this one before but im doing it different now, sad i could not get my reverb to work on this new computer i have :frowning: Anyways enjoy! First Cold War Kids Cover - YouTube


Fantastic Byron, no additional reverb needed :notes:

Hello Byron, I’m always looking forward to your AVOYPs, and this one was really great :star_struck:.
I particularly love the dynamics you put in it.
Great job :+1::clap::smiley:.
I wish you all the best for 2023 :four_leaf_clover:.

Thanks Nicole I hope you do as well thanks!!

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Thanks lialty

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Really good Byron. I loved you way you introduced a dynamic into the vocal and strumming pattern.

I enjoyed that a lot. Very nicely done, thank you!

Nice Job Byron and I echo the others in that the dynamics were really good and kept the song and the groove interesting.

Thanks guys!

You can edit the title to try to make that clear. But you are right, that is an issue that has been raised and must be considered.

It may prove not to be a good idea, but I think a little experimentation to test it out, get some experience and feedback is OK. Particularly given all the comments made around business in AVOYP.

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Hey guys i really like this song and decided to do it! Lemme know what you think! :slight_smile: Heaven Cover Bryan Adams - YouTube


Love this song!

Great Byron!

You’re really picking those notes out of the chords now.

Keep them coming bud :slightly_smiling_face:

Nicely played Byron

Well done!