What's happening with the AVOYP changes? New rules?

Lol, happy to, got a busy day though so might be a while! :joy: I reckon it will be broken by then


I remember your hesitancy very well, mon ami , and thought it quite unnecessary at the time :smiley:
Trying out new things is good (as long as we retain circular wheels).
I was just floating that possibility in place of a previous suggestion of having a monthly thread each.
I’m happy to continue with the status quo (even if I will never cover them :laughing:).
I’ve already found my workaround, which I’m happy enough with at present.

I’m too busy ‘herding cats’ on another project to offer even a rough take on anything yet :smiley:

We needs to hear it now, my Precioussss… :smiley:

There’s an interesting discussion to be had on this topic, but this is neither the time nor the place.


That’s one thing that I never had you down for. I hold my hat up to you sir as it doesn’t look easy.

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For the settling of any issues or questions on one particular idea …

There has never been moderator proposal or discussion to limit AVOYP to one topic per person as a forever limit.

I can say with some certainty that will not happen.

The only thought of limiting anything has been as already intimated above: one new topic in a time period (of perhaps a month) that could contain several uploads and that may have post no.1 edit functions for the topic creator.

Learning Logs serve the other purpose - a one-topic place where peolle can share anything they wish for as long as they wish. That can include recordings not placed in AVOYP. That can include links to AVOYP topics. Plus diary entries, gear pics, practice routines, achievements etc etc.


Brian, dontcha do dat.

Just chatting is for water cooler moments and bantz. Not your 6-string twanging.


It’s still pretty raw Brian but will see what I can throw together :wink:

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Although a pretty avid user and reader, I must admit I don’t watch alot of AVOYPS all the way through anymore, with the exception of those I ‘know’, and first timers. Occasionally those that really grab me. There’s just too many.
The new forum, linking to the website, and probably some targetted marketing has seen this community change into a little city. Great in alot of ways, but not without its challenges.
I believe over time it’ll thin out and settle down as a matter of course, but agree there may be a need for a little finessing in the interim. Perhaps this discussion alone will go some way towards that.

Cheers, Shane


@jkahn agreed, JK, it is not an issue in terms of something that is not working correctly. My point is more that in terms of business, it is a factor in what is happening in the various windows into the Community viz Latest, Unread, Sub-category landing page.

I think one can tailor how one consumes Community content using Notifications and Watch levels.

@Richard_close2u has continued to provide further clarity on intention (of this Category), do’s and don’ts. Much of this already shared in this pinned Topic in the Category Record Yourself - Progress & Performance: Rules & Etiquette. Important Notice - #3 by Richard_close2u

As we progress, we’ll be sure to update this when necessary.

If I could have one simple wish it is that before any member posts in AVOYP (or any of the other Sub-categories) they read this post.


I think Stitch definitely has a point here. “bumping” of old threads (for whatever reason) really causes clutter. Sometimes I have to look through the thread to see if I have ALREADY commented!

Pure volume in AVOYP and the increase of people interacting with threads is probably the real issue (in itself not a bad thing!). Most of us use “latest” to see latest threads/updates and it really is now challenging to interact effectively. My habits have definitely changed and I readily admit I’ll only contribute to those threads that are interesting to me or where I see some familiar names. I try to resist the “pat on the back” comment and just do a heart/like if I’ve got nothing useful to contribute or critique. Realistically I listen to a fraction of the AVOYP that I used to simply because there are so many coming through PLUS unfortunately some - IMHO - are just using it to dump songs for whatever reason.


Whew this thread has exploded. I haven’t taken the time to read through it since I posted, so apologies if the point I make has been made already.

I think it’s important to remember that this site is part of Justin’s business. It’s his choice as to how he monetizes it. In sending heaps of new people here via his newsletters and other media, if that’s what fits his business model, so be it.

I have concerns though that an invitation like this in a recent newsletter …

… creates an expectation that there is further tutoring and mentoring available, from our volunteer mods.

Perhaps this is where some of Justin’s generosity to teach the world to play free of charge gets tripped up? It also displaces the pay it forward ethos to some degree.

I have the greatest respect and admiration for our three mods @DavidP @Richard_close2u @LievenDV who give so generously of their time and expertise. I also respect and admire those of you who volunteer your time and give so much of yourselves to helping out here.


If somebody explicitely asks for my feedback on something, that must mean there must be some kind of value in that for them. I’d gladly comply in providing constructive yet honest feedback :smiley: | Justin, his cause, this Community, all of that combined always had credit beyond a horizon I can see.


A few minor changes have been put in place to try them out.

All of Progress and Performance and the sub-categories can be sorted by time period using the drop down menu:

First posts should be user-editable without limit.

We are continuing to manually tag new posts.


That seems useful. However, the default sorting of topics within a time period seems odd. I’m not sure what the default sort order is using. I’ve started clicking on Activity to sort the topics within the time period by activity, but I’m curious what the default sort order actually is. Can you clarify?

It seems to be misbehaving slightly.
At least not quite doing as expected.

David how will viewers know a new song has been added. Surely the post title will stay the same and unless you actually open up a post that you know you commented on before you won’t know if it’s an additional song or not.
This new system may mean fewer AVoYP titles but it will not be user friendly as you then need to keep double checking posts to see if there is a new song.

Im curious about that as well. How would this work?

In addition to no time limit on first post edits, there would also need to be no time limit on edits to the post title.

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@sairfingers I understand this has now been done, Gordon.

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If you go to latest section when you start your day off you will see bolded font when new posts have shown up in the thread. If you are interested in particular person’s recordings no doubt you will have a look to see if something new have been posted :wink:

It’s either this to me or we are being kept flooded with posts and more and more users will ignore most of posts in AVOYP as it is already happening and will be happening.

And so on :wink:

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I’m still a little confused – to the point that I will just contribute to the message board as I would normally. Mods do your thing, do the needful. :slight_smile:

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