Bytron08 - July 2022 - The Fray, Darius Rucker, 3 Doors Down

Whats up guys!!! So i decided to do this song again! Hope you guys like it!!! :slight_smile:

The Fray - How To Save A Life

Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel

3 Doors Down - It’s Not My Time


Good to hear from you Bytron. Your playing and singing are a pleasure to listen to. There seems to be more energy in your dynamics too.

Good to hear from you again, Bytron. You are sounding as good as always. Love that muted strumming, sounds great!

Hey Bytron,
Good job on this cover. I think you have the capo dialed in really well. Your voice sits well in this one. Good play as always!

Keep up the good vibe and all the best,

Welcome back Byron.

That was a good cover. It was one of the first songs I leant but for some reason I didn’t enjoy playing it.

Sounding really good there Byron. Looks and sounds like you’ve put some decent time into this , love it! :clap:

Thanks yall! I can relate to this song, guess thats why i like it so much! :smiley:

Hello Bytron,
great to hear from you and I always like to watch your videos :slightly_smiling_face:
Cool performance!
Thanks for sharing,

Sounds great Byron. Strumming fantastic as always and vocals on point.

Thanks guys!

Great stuff Byron. I liked the dynamics you put in and the muted strumming parts too. Your vocal had lots of feeling. Well done.

Thanks sairs for the comment! Hope you are well! :slight_smile:

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Nough said, love the tune and you did it justice even though a bit different approach comparing to original :slight_smile:

Thanks Adi!!!

Hi Byron,

I haven’t seen a post from you in a while-glad to see you are still doing well. You did a fantastic job with this one and your version was great. It seems like this song is easy to play so might give it a go myself. I was recently working on another song from the fray “Over My Head” and that one is pretty easy chords too. They had a few hits back in the day. You don’t hear music like that anymore with the new groups. Thanks for bringing the song back to light. Have a great day.


I liked your cover, but must admit I’ve never heard this song before. This community is great to discover obscure songs.

@SDkissfan yeah its pretty simple!!! Give it a go!!! Thanks man! And thank you also Sandy!! :slight_smile:

Nice job @Bytron08, love the song and your upbeat rendition,

Thanks Phil!

Hey guys im on fire today 2 songs in one day lol. Enjoy! Wagon Wheel Cover - YouTube