Bytron08 - July 2023 - Someone You Loved + Hey Hey My My

Thanks man! Yeah its a pain to sync the audio video precisely LOL! You about gotta have a magnifying glass! Thanks for listening!

Hey Byron,

Really nice guitar for me. Really liked that strum/pick style. Picking out the strings really adds another level, something I’m not up to yet.

Sounded pretty good, Bytron. Nothing obvious to say about the mix. Would be interesting to compare the dry recording with the mixed.

That was great Byron, really well played and sung.

Yes, the sync issue was a bit distracting. You’d better get that magnifying glass looked out. :smiley:

Thanks guys! LOL! Is it really that bad out of sync i cant tell!

Here ya go David! Raw version of the song!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing Bytron.

I’m listening through my JBL headset and can hear a little subtle reverb on the mixed version, which sounds good, adds to the vocal.

But have to say I prefer the guitar tone on the dry. To me it sounds warmer, the pick click perhaps not as obvious. My guess is that this is a result of the EQing done in the mixing, but I’m guessing and by no means a pro

What do you provide the mixer? I see you record with two mics, so assume you are providing 2 separate tracks? What level of separation of guitar and vocal do you get on the individual tracks? It looks like a condensor and a dynamic pair, which would suggest condensor for guitar and dynamic for vocal.

Mic position is hard to assess in the video as I find the camera angle can distort one’s perspective. That said, the vocal mic looks to be off to the side and you don’t appear to sing into the mic. If that is true then you may want to try adjusting the set up, singing more into the mic, and turning down the gain which would reduce guitar bleed.

Similar the condensor may need a tweak to reduce vocal bleed.

Hey David! Yes you are correct! Its kinda a pain sometimes to get my mics setup perfectly, probably the reason why the mics are to the side, I know i should be singing directly into the black mic, its just kinda awkward with all my stuff I use to record lol! I dont have much room to work with haha!

Yes its two tracks, one for the vocals and one for the acoustic, even though both sounds are in both tracks! But the black mic picks up my vocals more and the silver one my acoustic. It would probably be best if i recorded my rhythm guitar first and then my vocals over it so the sounds dont intertwine… I just find it a pain LOL! Im really bad at about finding the correct levels and such and just mostly wing it!

Maybe it would be best to directly plug my electric acoustic into the A.I? I have not tried that out yet!

Thank you for the feedback David!!

P.S Did you notice a sync issue in the video? I may have to try to redo it! I cant tell! It looks fine to me.

Thanks! Bytron

I hear you Bytron, it can take some experimentation to figure out an optimal setup that accommodates all the constraints.

That said, I guess you just have to figure out how far and to what level you want to take things. Based on past posts you’ve made, it is firstly a fun hobby but you also have aspirations to be more ‘professional’ in your productions.

With the latter in mind, I suggest you work on mic placement. It appears that you have two floor-standing mic stands that you can make use of to refine mic position. I like to have my vocal mic stand off to the stand and extend the arm so the mic is in front of my mouth but the stand doesn’t obscure the guitar.

For the condensor I’d consider positioning it in a vertical orientation with the cable at the top and the sensitive portion at the bottom. Poistion it about 12 inches from the guitar, perhaps pointing to where the neck joins the body. Again experiment to get a good tone, avoiding pointing it directly at the soundhole (that tends to be boomy).

Then you can turn down the gain on both mics which will help reduce bleed. I think people tend to have their mic gain too high. You’ll be OK if you peak around -12dB and average around -18dB. The recorded signal should be high enough to avoid issues with the noise floor of the mic. That is if the gain too low then when you amplify in the DAW you get significant background hiss.

Using the DI from the guitar is an option, though generally you get a better tone with the mic. But you may like the sound of the Taylor electronics.

Before recording it is certainly worth doing some sound-checks to set the levels. Perhaps that is more of a once-off. If you figure it out and play and sing at consistent levels then you’d be good to go next time with the same setup.

I know all this takes some time to tinker and explore. But if you are serious about getting the best possible quality recordings, then worth doing. Of course, nothing wrong in just winging it and generally speaking your recordings sound quite OK. I guess you can’t have it both ways.

I’ll pass on the video sync. I didn’t really pay too much attention to that.

Thanks for the tips!! I’ll keep those in mind!!

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My comment about the audio/video sync was made for the same reasons as David’s quote. You post some terrific stuff here on the Community site Byron but I suspect that to take it to a higher level all the production stuff has to be spot on.
Good luck with it all. :+1::grinning:

What video editing software are you using Byron? I’ve found DaVinci Resolve to be quite good at auto syncing.

It also feels kind of strange at first singing into the mic without playing the guitar and not singing while playing.

Agree, the sound is much better with the mic. The acoustic software tones that you can apply to the DI are getting better so that is an option.

Hey man! Maybe you could make use of a clapperboard like they do in the movies. Just clap your hands before the take and after you synced it, you cut it out.

I think you had difficulties to handle the higher notes, you could even see it in your face. :grin:
But not a bad voice overall and your guitar playing was more than solid. I enjoyed it a lot. Good work!

Thanks man! Yeah i usually do this song in a lower tuning to fit my vocals better, just thought i would try it as a challenge! :smiley: