Bytron08 - July 2023 - Someone You Loved + Hey Hey My My

Thanks to Justinguitar for teaching this. And a special thanks to victor off Fiverr for Mixing this song for me!! First time someone helping me mix/remaster one of my songs, i wouldnt mind learning how to do that type stuff!! Seems really interesting and fun!! I think it sounds great!!! I can relate to this song and its one of my favs!! Enjoy!


I say great job

Byron @Bytron08
Well done I really enjoyed that.

Sounds good, Bytron. Tip the hat for exploring collaboration on the mixing.

Mixing is quite subjective as we know. I might have thought about taming some of the breath noise and sibillence at times.

Also sounded like possibility of there being some noise on the recording based on what I heard at the end before the video ended. If that is the case and it is not on my playback side, then perhaps turn the mic gain down a little.

And you have some room in that regard as Stats for Nerds shows this as being 2.5dB over the YT norm.

Keep rocking

Thanks David! Yeah thats one thing i didnt like about this recording is that you can hear my breathing pretty rough, can def tell i smoked for years Lol.

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Such a beautiful song and you did it much justice. I love Lewis Capaldi. He’s on my Pandora’s Favorite Artists List.

Well done Byron. It’s a great song and I enjoyed your version of it. The fingerstyle was skilfully done and your vocal was really good too.

Thanks Pkboo! Yeah me too!!! Such a beautiful song!!! So inspiring!

Thanks Sairs for the listen! Yeah i def tried on this one! :slight_smile:

Look at all the mics and they were put to good use. Sounds better than your past efforts. Good job on the song too, both guitar and vox!

You can mix like that. Just take a stab at it, maybe post it and ask how to improve it…

All the best,

Hey man!!! Woah thanks man! So how would i go about mixing like that? Through the DAW? I have Ableton Live Intro (Love it btw!!!) But it dont come with very many options. Or is there a different software or something to be able to get it to sound like that?

This is only a thought on what I might consider if in your shoes. Ditch your DAW, “Live”. Is it a version that came with your AI? If so that is a light version and to have the full will set you back $300 to $600 or so.

Then go and get Reaper. If you like it you pay $60 for many years of use. Next you go and start with Kenny’s videos located at the Reaper download site. Watch his setup stuff and the how to record walkthrough. There is enough stuff there to learn mixing and mastering as well.

All the best,

Alright sounds good! Guess ill give reaper a go again lol. I just find Ableton more user friendly, I payed 100 for the intro version. But your right its freaking expensive, but it may be worth it to me i dont know. Ill look into reaper like say, may just go ahead and dish out the 60 on it as its alot cheaper! Thanks LBro!!!

Ok sweet! I went ahead and purchased Reaper!!! :slight_smile: Next song i cover i will def give reaper a try!!! Guess i need to move away from Live as much as i dont like too! Just so freaking expensive though when reaper is only 60 LOL!

That was fantastic!

LIve is a good DAW, looks good and comes with lots of add on tools. But to get all that you have to pony up the bucks. It is not a one time purchase either. When I had Cubase, it was $150 every 6 months back then for updates. It may be more now.

But the biggest thing about Reaper is that you get the full version for about 4 years of use for $60 and there are no update fees. Bigger than that though is the extensive library of how to videos. Kenny (who makes the videos) is basically a justinguitar of DAWs. You can learn a ton from those videos and most are about 10 minutes long. So it is quick to learn how to do something. Here is a link to the videos.


A great cover that Byron and some great fingerstyle in there as well.

Nice to read you have found a mixing buddy but do have a crack at it yourself, then it will be another skill under your belt. I too will give another, thumbs up to Reaper.

@Bytron08 Have to agree with LBro on his comments, and also DavidP. To my ears it sounded like some noise or a bit of distortion on the recording. Overall, I thought your performance was good but the mix could be improved some. There isn’t one plug that makes it all better; it takes some time and effort on your part.

Hey guys heres another mixed cover that i have done! Ive done this song before as you all know but not of this quality!! :slight_smile: I just been trying to improve on the atmosphere of my videos and the quality. Just trying to make it a little more professional than what i usually do Lol. Thanks guys for giving a listen and hope you enjoy!! :slight_smile: Criticism welcome!


That’s great stuff. The strumming and picking looks pretty complicated but yet you really got it right. And sometimes it seems your strumming emphasizes the higher strings and sometimes the lower and that really makes it richer.

The audio is just a little out of sync with the video. That seems to be unavoidable- I have to use video editors software to sync it up.