Bytron08 - June 2023 - When I'm gone Cover

Hey guys i have not recorded much lately as I had to buy ableton intro, wish i could afford the good version as it comes with more stuff lol. Maybe eventually!!! Anyways hope you enjoy the song! When Im Gone Cover - YouTube


Sounds great, Bytron, the guitar tone and your picked finger-style.

On the DAW, personally I’d recommend moving away from a choice like Ableton once you want more than the lite version of DAWs like Ableton no longer work for you. I moved from Ableton Lite to Reaper which costs $60. Perhaps you may want to augment with some paid plug-ins over time but out the box all that you may miss is digital instruments. And one can get good options free, for drums, bass, the instrruments of an orchestra.

My choice was Reaper but there are other good options, some fully open source and other that would come at costs less than Ableton, Pro Tools etc.

I see you are now setup to record with mics which delivered a good result on the guitar and vocal. Sounds like you have added reverb on the vocal. Some may find it a little too much 'verb for their taste but that is quite subjective.

You also added a light. Personally I think working on the video setup so you don’t have that blindingly bright light in shot would improve the video. Again, just my subjective opion.

Take care, stay well.

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Hey Bytron! :clap: :clap: :clap: Another good performance. All sounded great.

Hi Byron. Long time no see :grin:
Great guitar playing and vocal as always. Never heard this before.
Youre setup seems a bit more pro than last time i saw any recordings from you. Think the sound was much better than what i can remember :grin:

Thanks David! I bought the 100 dollar version of ableton as I’m pretty use to it. Reaper seems more complicated to me though maybe I need to try it again. Thanks guys!

well done, keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks Peter!!!

Thank you Pkboo happy you enjoyed it!! :slight_smile: Thanks for listening

Thanks tron! Happy to hear from you as well! :slight_smile:

Bytron, no need to shift DAWs now that you have what you need. If your license is unbounded time-wise, there are no further costs, and you don’t hit limitations then all is good.

And for interest sake … as for Reaper being more complicated, I suspect that may be more about familiarity than it being fundamentally more complicated. I think the more you use one tool, the more ‘complicated’ another may appear due to the familiarity with what you have used and know well. Not discounting that different tools may have ways to do things that may be more or less complicated/intuitive for an individual.

But as I said, if your current version of Ableton meets all needs, then rock on and enjoy happy music making.

Thanks David!! Yeah ive grown quite accustomed to Ableton, I love it!! Just wish it had more settings though.

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Great job with the song Byron, sounding and playing sounding real good.

Thanks man! Hope all is well!!