Bytron08 - March 2023 - Old Town Road + Boulevard Of Broken Dreams + Don't Fear The Reaper + We Will Rock You

Heres another one guys! Enjoy!!!.. I hope! :slight_smile: Old Town Road Cover - YouTube Here also is Boulevard Of Broken Dreams! Enjoy!! With my new gear!!! Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Acoustic Cover ( Green Day ) - YouTube And now Dont fear the reaper! - YouTube Heres We will Rock You! ♫We Will Rock You Acoustic Cover♫ - YouTube


Very nice, great playing.

Thanks man!

awesome dude

Thanks Sparton05!!! Welcome to the forum!! :slight_smile:

Well done! That’s a cool little keyboard machine you have there. Great overall production!

Thanks Traveler!! Yeah i just wanted to up my game a little lol. :slight_smile: Im really enjoying all my new gear!!

Just did green days Boulevard Of Broken Dreams!! Enjoy!! I Hope! :slight_smile:

Man, I see you bought at least two microphones and a MIDI keyboard. Also absolutely love the screwdriver stuck in the mic stand. Always handy for a quick fix!

Nice covers as always!

Super stuff Byron. You’re clearly enjoying playing with all that new gear! You’ll need to get some live gigs now to recoup some of the money. :smiley:

Thanks man!! LOL yeah keeps the stand from sliding down haha! Not only that but i also bought a digital audio interface and a 2k webcam as well Lol! Just gotta buy a DAW next as im really liking ableton live right now!

Thanks sairs! Haha! Yeah no doubt, did hit my wallet pretty hard.

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Just did dont fear the reaper! Even though my drum timing is not perfect. Kinda hard to do with this song as i play and sing the part first then record the drums guess i need to do the opposite lol. Enjoy! Dont Fear The Reaper 2 - YouTube

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Just did we will rock you! :slight_smile: We Will Rock You Cover - YouTube

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I think the We Will Rock You is def one of my best!!! Hope everyone is well! Time for work!

Very awesomely done. My repertoire is entirely of 80s and 90s songs, and I’ve been wondering what modern songs I might try tackling one day, so it was great to see you do Old Town Road!

Solid playing as always, and I too loved the production, particularly how you fade in and out to show the different parts.

It all sounded great! My one comment would be that in the Green Day one, your vocals on “my shadow” sounded not quite high enough.

Also, I couldn’t view “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” YouTube told me it was set to private.

Hey perfect!! Thanks for the reply!! I’m glad you liked the videos!! Yeah old town road is awesome!! What did you think of we will rock you? Thanks for the heads up on don’t fear the reaper I’ll try to get that sorted once I get home!! I try to show all the parts in case someone is curious on how I do it!! :slight_smile: thanks again!

“We Will Rock You” was solid, I loved it!

Awesome thanks man!!!