Bytron08 - May 2023 - Suzie Q (CCR)

Heres one i did over the weekend, I havnt really played much lately. Hope you guys like it! Suzie Q Cover - YouTube


Great stuff :v: who doesn’t love a bit of Creedance :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice Bytron! Skilled playing and you have a really good voice too! You make it look easy juggling that riff with the vocals, sounds very natural. Well done.

Thanks man!!! Took me a bit to get the hang of it as i have trouble picking out notes and singing lol. Thanks for listening! :slight_smile:

Really good Byron. Some skilful note picking there along with a great vocal. Well done.

Nice to see and hear your Byron! Great song choice and a favorite on this end. Great to see some of your new gear on display. Song is pretty well done, but now that you have the capability I will make some suggestions on this one.

How about adding dual tracked strummed rhythm guitars split left/right a bit? They will really fill up your soundscape. You could also add drums up front in the form of MT Power Drums, which is free.

Frankly, to me you have the song down. It would be a slight challenge for you to mix in the above and come up with a fuller production mate.

All the best,

Thanks guys!! Thanks LBbro!! So ive been using Ableton Live! I love it! Can you do all that with that DAW that you mention? I sometimes do the drums myself on a midi keyboard. Yeah i love my new setup its awesome!!

“Live” is a very capable DAW. YES, it can do “all that” and much more. Look up some videos on YouTube and they will point you in the right direction!

All the best,

Thanks man! Good to hear from you btw! :slight_smile: Hope all is well!

Sweet stuff there Byron. I really enjoyed this one and that guitar sounds lush.

How is the teaching going?

I actually havnt done any lessons yet lmao, thought about doing that in the summer maybe idk. I work a 40hour a week job so that keeps me pretty busy. Did get to play for a class though the kids loved it!

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