Bytron08 - May 2024 -Blink 182, Miss You Blue On Black

Just did blink 182s miss you!! :slight_smile: was pretty fun putting together. Sorry I didn’t do a video

Hey guys did Blue On Black Again, sorry that theres no video figured i would just do audio!!! :slight_smile:


Maybe ill do a video of this! :slight_smile:

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Sounding great Byron :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely evolving :+1:

Bytron you’re a very accomplished musician, it sounds too amazing for my standard… really super impressive…I’m curious to know how long are you playing/learning the guitar?

No worries, you know that old tune …Video killed the radio star :notes::wink:

Thanks guys!!! @SILVIA ive been playing for probably 12-13 years now i would say! :slight_smile: Even though I think i should be alot better than i am, I do try though! Keep on keepin on and you will get there!

Sounds great Byron!
Cool song too. That I don’t know, until now.

fwiw, I’ll make the same suggestion to you that everyone seems to make to me. imho, the vocals need to be a shade louder… :wink:

So, you do that in one sitting? Playing and singing at the same time?
Myself, I’ve been working on that (singing and playing at the same time) and I find it pretty hard to do. It surly adds a piece to the puzzle, making it harder to do in my case.

And what guitar are you using? Acoustic? And… how is the guitar recorded? It’s sounds great.

Also, fwiw, I’m partial to your slimming down. As in, it sounds like your only doing two parts. Guitar and vocal.
I’ve done both too. A semi production where I ‘try’ to add in percussion and bass and maybe a second guitar. I’m finding for me. I seem to like what I do better if it’s just me and my guitar. Then, make it work w/o the frills. But that’s me.

Keep’em coming.

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That was excellent Byron, it sounds really good. I think the video is always a great idea in this community as it gives us more in terms of how the song is done.

Yes this one is one sitting, although sometimes i do multiple parts, I guess it just depends on the song. Thanks for the tip, yeah i think my vocals could have been a lil louder :(. Im using a Taylor 214ce acoustic directly plugged into my interface. , with ableton live DAW and editing the sound with a amp plugin. And some vocal editing. Im still learning on how to edit my sounds and such and i gotta lot to learn still lol. Theres a cool technique where you can put sound to the right or left of your headphones and it sounds amazing, I havnt messed with it but would like to. Thanks man for the listen!

Thanks for the listen Boris!!! :slight_smile: Yeah i suppose it does help in others learning for sure!!! I mean thats how i learned alot of my stuff is from watching youtube videos. Some things i pick up myself. Dont give up!

It def takes alot of skill to play and sing at the same time, when i first started playing guitar it probably took me like 3-4 years to be able to play and sing at the same time… Now its just 2nd nature to me… (strumming anyways) Certain riffs and rhythms are hard for me still to this day, but with with practice you will get there. I would recommend something like the song Wild Thing starting out, its pretty simple!!! :slight_smile: Good luck!

Just did miss you blink 182!! :slight_smile:

More great playing and singing, Bytron. Thanks for the listen.

Thanks Pkboo!!! :slight_smile: