Bytron08 - Messin Around Blues - Original (Work in progress.)

Sup guys so i just wrote this… I just wanted to do something that sounded simple, and this is what i came up with lol. Anyways hope you guys like it!!! Messin Around Original Tagima tw 55 seires - YouTube


This is still a work in progress i gotta think of some more lyrics to go with it.

Nice bluesy sound with a twiddly end. Another good effort, Byron.

Great bluesy rock ‘n’ roll feel there Byron. Well done.

Oh, yeah! Nice Tele and a blues groove. No turnin’ back now…

Hey, I have one of those guitars Byron. :smiley:

That was great, very bluesy vibe to it, nice end twiddle and whoo as well.

Wow Byron, that was awesome :star_struck:. Love it :clap:.

Nice! You have a tagima series 55 tw? Is it a tele? I thought about taking this one back but i dont know, maybe ill just put some new pickups in it

Thanks nicole im happy you liked it!

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No, sorry. Mine just looks like yours. :flushed:

Lol all good!!! :slight_smile: I just listend and commented on your song nice one! :slight_smile:

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