Bytron08 - Now That Your Gone - Original Song

Hey guys so i wrote this song about my first love. Theres a story behind it all but if she ever watched it, she would understand. Anyways Enjoy! Now That Your Gone Original Song - YouTube


Wow! I really enjoyed the places where you were picking out notes. Has a good beat to it too. :+1: :smiley:

Absolutely beautiful job. I have been trying for 20 years to write a song that someone would want to hear or relate to. I really loved this one. Too bad I could not stop by and play the drums for you as I saw you make your own back rhythm. I played many years ago lol. Guitar is much more fun though. This song is definitely a hit in my eyes. well done Byron!!

Thanks you two!! :slight_smile:

Hey Byron,
Good to hear an original from you. I really had to turn it up to hear it as it was almost -18dB to the low side. Your first run through the pick run seems a little off to my ears, but I don’t trust the ears much. It seemed the second run through was better. I like originals and this is a good one. You put a lot of feelings into this one and it shows. I guess I should have said I could hear the emotions in there…

Keep up the good work and be well!

Thanks LB! Yeah maybe ill redo the recording and up my mic volume, dont understand though cus my mic was setup up pretty high i thought. As for my picking of the notes, yeah your right its off a tad i messed up my rhythm a little lol. Glad you liked it!

Great job Bytron… love that song. Just like LBro, I had to crank up the volume fully to hear it properly.

Cool song, Bytron, and you’re sounding good, playing and vox. I like how you put a little percussion in too. I agree with LBro, sound a little low in dbs to me, but could boost it on this end.

Sounds good, Bytron, you’ve shared a few originals over the years and always have a great sense of rhythm, groove and chord progressions that flow so well. I also enjoy the way you can blend strumming and picked finger-style (as Justin calls it)

Thanks you guys for the listen!!!

Really good Byron. I liked the changes in dynamics with strum patterns, picking and slaps. Well done, impressive to write your own stuff too!

Original! Well impressed. I really like the switching between percusion and strumming as others have already said. Nice one.

Very cool song Bytron, I can totally hear it having some extra instruments recorded behind it, you did a great job and clearly lyrics indicate that you have a deep personal connection with the story behind it. Really well done!

Sounding good Byron as usual. Your pick strumming is always great to watch and listen to and the mix of percussion was an added bonus. Now when are you going to do an original with that looper of yours? :wink:

Hi Byron,

Awesome,…picking strumming, it was really fun to listen to :sunglasses: :bouquet: :clap:

Thanks Socio and everyone! Haha have not thought about it but that would be great fun i bet!! :slight_smile:

That was a great song Byron. Loved the playing as well. Nice one!