Bytron08 - September 2022 - Neil Young, Theory Of A Deadman, Roxette, BB King, Nirvana, U2, Fleetwood Mac & Stone Sour

Thanks for stopping buy and listening Roger! Appreciate the support! :slight_smile: Rock on!!

Hey, have you got a new guitar Byron? :wink:

Sounding sweet and that was great. Well done sir.

Thanks! Yeah i took the other tele back and got this one its great!!!

I am late to the party but this was a great cover! Well done!

thanks man, yeah i thought this one turned out really good!!

Hey guys heres another nirvana song! I did it before but decided to do it again! Enjoy! Polly Cover Nirvana - YouTube


If Nirvana is in the name chances are I’m gonna click it and you never disappoint Byron, great cover!

As usual, Byron, good to hear your performance!

Great job man :+1:

Hi Byron,
Nice playing and singing :sunglasses: :clap:

Greetings Rogier

Cracking cover Byron, you’re killing it at the moment! You’re certainly seeming at one with the Tele!

That was great Bytron really nailed this one down!

Another good one Byron

Glad you guys enjoyed it!

Heres another!! :slight_smile: Still Havnt Found What Im Looking For Cover - YouTube


I saw these guys live once it was awesome!

Sounding good Byron. The spotlight was on you and you delivered.

Nice work Byron. I have also had the pleasure of seeing U2 live and this brought back some good memories.

Thanks guys im gonna try to do this one with my mother!! :slight_smile:

Nice! I love this song - well, I love the whole album actually, so if you feel like doing more… :grinning: