C-a-n't Y-o-u S-e-e

Hope everyone is safe and well!

Found a fun little backing track suitable for a quick acoustic jam:

I’m going to tag this as a “prio2”. I would prefer to tag it with something useful like “acoustic”, “jam”, etc. I think that’s the value of being able to tag posts. :slight_smile:

Moderator note: I have removed the prio2 tag @LievenDV created that to help him sort issues on his list that need attention / fixes etc. Also, the tag system is being discussed behind the scenes for best use as it hasn’t really been set in motion yet. Cheers :smiley:
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Good to hear you making music again Clint.

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Nice, I have several friends who play that.

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I c-a-n H-e-a-r Y-o-u and the happier for it Clint! Some sweet jam.

Not sure how the tagging works here. I had a quick look and it seems like I could create a new tag. My assumption is that is as a result of having Mod rights. I guess how to make use of tags is one of those things that still needs to be figured out.

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Hi Clint,
Good tone, it blended in with the backing track well and I enjoyed it. Good stuff for the ears in a mellow manor.

How is the garden down that way? Up north here, we don’t even think about it until Mar or June. But with your climate, I would imagine you can start on it much sooner?

All the rock’n best,

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Nice job as always Clint…maybe a little boost on the volume would have been good just to lift that improv above the backing.

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As usual, very enjoyable CT. I agree with LBro a bit more volume on your guitar or as bit less on the BT would be good.

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Nice CT! Very enjoyable listen! Kudos!

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Thanks BW! Yeah, just trying to play my way out of the funk. Hoping to get back into the weekly practice and release cycle.

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Thank you sir! Very accessible progression, D-C-G-D. Fun little jam. :slight_smile:

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Thanks DP!

Yeah, most boards allow for tags that users can enter in. How cool would it be to search on a “clapton” and “acoustic” tag, Most message boards support that.

Haha, I hadn’t noticed it was up here already when I commented on YT.
Excellent! :sunglasses:

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Great stuff Clint. I enjoyed that. No nits from me!

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The man has his mojo back ! Good to see you making music again Clint. That’s a sweet backing track with a low pro Southern Rock feel, any chance of a share ? Loved the acoustic impro, suited the track well and like the BT you found some sweet spots. A lovely listen ! :sunglasses:

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Thanks LB! Glad you liked it.

It’s spring here, nectarines and peaches are in bloom, poms are leafing out, and greens are starting to bolt. It’s on!

Thank you sir!

Any louder on the lead track, which was played with a fair amount of dynamics and recorded direct with a piezo pickup, would introduce clipping in sections where I wanted to be a bit more expressive. The backing track was set to -14.6 dB, and arguably could have been set lower still. But no, the lead track volume could not be raised. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I appreciate the comment.

This most likely will be a one-off recording to be honest. I don’t see me recording a lead acoustic track direct with a piezo pickup moving forward.

Thanks, Mr B! Nice to see you over here at the new place. Hope to hear something from you soon.

Thanks BL! I really appreciate the support.

Thanks Gordon! Glad you enjoyed it.