C#m9 Chord Help

Hey, relatively beginner guitarist here.

I need help with the C#m9 chord shape (tab attached) I’m on acoustic, a dreadnought, with fairly average sized hands and I can’t seem to make the distance from the second fret with my index finger and the fourth fret with my middle finger work, I can’t seem to reach no matter how I try to adjust my wrist. This is for the Tom Misch arrangement of Isn’t She Lovely.

Any help would be great.

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you could try an alternative fingering?

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That would help for that particular chord, but then I’d have to immediately jump back for the F#13, only to jump back to the 6th fret for the remainder of the progression.


Hey welcome to the forum btw!

How beginner are you because these chords do not look beginner at all

Thanks for the welcome! I’m appreciating the responsiveness and quickness of all the help.

I know alot of the simpler chords/songs at this point, I’m a violinist turned guitarist so music isn’t new to me; just the instrument. I know a few fingerstyle songs, so I mean it appears accomplishable, but still difficult enough for me to ask about it. This is probably one of the first few hurdles I’m struggling with.

ah right, genuinely doesnt look like a starter chord for sure

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Welcome to the Community Justin. You’ve raised a good point here.

[quote]=“justinsatchel, post:3, topic:194810”]
but then I’d have to immediately jump back for the F#13,[/quote]
Although there are always several chord voicings for a chord on guitar, the key thing is where you’re coming from/going to.
I’d suggest having a go at Justin’s finger stretching lesson, but as a violinist you’ve probably got good stretch.
Finger Stretching Exercise
Perhaps it’s just a case of keep on practising.

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Hello Justin and welcome to the community.

I don’t want to deter you from your dream songs but that is way beyond beginner level, it is very much advanced, post-intermediate level.

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I always like to check out a few videos to see how others play it, but this one genuinely looks quite the stretch.

For practice you could play it further down the neck with a capo on, then gradually move back up as you can stretch further.

Personally, I usually find a way to cheat, so would probably only play the A, G and B strings muting the D string.

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If you added the high-E string open, you would recover the 3rd of the chord. Of course, if that sounds good or not in your context you will have to decide.

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When I did my don’t look back in anger cover it had the Cmadd9 shape with the capo on the third fret. It took a lot of patience and finger stretching exercises to be able to play that chord cleanly. I just tried the chord shape in above post for the C#m9 and was able to play it. So maybe worth including the finger streching exercise in your practice routine whilst practice the song further down the neck with a capo on until you can confortably achieve the stretch.


Welcome, @justinsatchel !

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Thanks for all the useful advice, everyone! I’ve spent the better part of yesterday evening and this morning before work stretching my fingers, and I think with some discipline I can get it pretty clean, and comfortable. I’ll definitely spend some time working with what everyone said.

And if I manage to master this song, even feeling as a beginner, I’ll make sure to make a video and let everyone know. :wink:


I took a brief look at the tutorial video. that is NOT a beginner song. closer to advanced intermediate. Percussive strumming, finger strumming, advanced chords etc.