C vs Cadd9

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I can’t find answer to one question and will appreciate somebody more experienced to help me out -
I’m a beginner at Grade1 and currently learning D, C and G chords, which progression seems to be very common. That said, if you use for G chord your pinky finger for E string and your ring finger on B string along with middle and index at E and A strings respectively, it becomes very easy to switch between D C and G if you use Cadd9, instead of “regular” C.

Is that OK? Can you make that substitution (C to Cadd9) when you have that particular chord progression?



Hey Yavor, D, G and Cadd9 is very common. Those grips are taught early grade 2 - sounds like you’re almost there, so you’ll get Justin’s teachings then.

I guess you could substitute Cadd9 for C… but it does sound different, so do both.

I’d encourage you to be able to switch between D, C and G as well - especially weak finger G as Justin calls it. Also really common and useful.


Hello Yavor,
when I got it right, you’re describing changing between ‘Big G’ (or 4 finger G) and Cadd9 instead of regular G to regular C. And yes, changing between the first variation is definitely easier than between the latter, and there are songs that really sound great when using these chords. That said, there are also songs which won’t. Additinally, it’s absolutely worth learning the regular chord change, as further in your journey, you are going to change also to other chords, and will experience that using the regular C might be very handy (e.g. for changing to Am or Em).

The (regular) G to C change is not easy and needs lots of practice, but it’s definitely worth learning it. You will finally get there :smiley:.


Great. Thank you.

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sounds like your trying to drag race before you crawl

They are not the same chord and in some songs you definitely need to use one and not the other. In other songs they are almost interchangeable and you can choose freely which you want to use. But, as said, you’re getting ahead of yourself a little. Stick to the JustinGuitar course and structure.


Adding to what Nicole was saying, at the beginning I got very used to Cadd9 and didn’t practice regular C much, which became a problem later that had to be corrected. So practice both, listen to their difference in sound and experiment!

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