Cabo San Lucas

Hi everyone,

I wasn’t 100% happy with how this turned out. I’d been practicing on electric then switched to acoustic when I didn’t like the sound. I have been trying forever to do AC/DC with no luck so I switched it up to this song for fun. Feedback is welcome and thanks for listening

Jeff from California

@Traveler this is the song. I don’t have a country voice like yours but I try lol.


I actually think that your voice fits brilliantly. In my ears this has much more character than the polished original. You got something there, keep at it :slightly_smiling_face:

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That was really well played and sung Jeff. You look so comfortable playing stood up now. You’re liked a seasoned pro. Even Benjamin looked to be enjoying himself.

The balances sounded much better on that recording and can see you have been making good progress.

Hello Jeff! I don’t know the song, it’s a very nice one and I enjoyed your performance…very steady Rhythm, well done!

Hi Jeff, you made good progress, I liked your performance. Your voice fits the song and your strumming is consistent and you keep the rhythm. What I have noticed is, that your strumming on the strings sometimes seems to have somekind of “dull” sound at certain strums, so if strings wouldn’t ring out clearly due to attack. I can’t see a pick on the very small screen of my mobile, so I assume you play without, maybe you hit them with different parts of your fingers, nails/fleshy part. It’s hard to tell in English. It’s as if some strums were clearer than others.

Hi Stefan. Thanks for the kind words. I still need to work on that song but it wasn’t awful. I’m supposed to be taking a vacation there soon so hope to play it in person there. It is a two hour flight south of me. I might do one more song like this before getting back to trying you shook me all night long. That one is hard to sing and play because the strumming has to be exact. I’ll get there though. Take care.

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Thanks Silvia. It was a fun song to try.

Thanks a lot. This song was easy to learn. It still needs some polishing but thanks for the kind words.

Hi Andrea,

The dead sound you heard at times was my struggle to play B minor correctly while standing. I can do it on electric but acoustic is a little harder for me. I’ll get better though. I used a pick here but also play without one sometimes… thanks for listening :sunglasses:

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I like it! Acoustic is sometimes harder to get the barred chords clear (Bm) but… just takes practice.

Ah, I see! Bm is not the easiest one to play. I’m only at Grade 2 consolidation so far, so Bm isn’t an issue so far, but I have a few songs which use it, so I looked a bit ahead. Long way to go!
I’m sure you’ll get there. You are so motivated and you progress, it’s only a matter of time! Looking forward to your next one!

Hello Jeff, and congrats on yet another AVOYP :clap::+1::smiley:. I think, there are now quite a lot of songs in your repertoire. Keep on with it :slightly_smiling_face:.

I haven’t come across Bm yet, but it looks quite challenging. Even when it’s not always ringing out clearly at the moment, you can be proud of managing to change to this chord so quickly.

I wish you nice holidays down in Cabo San Lucas, by the way :sun_with_face::palm_tree::beach_umbrella:.

Hi Nicole.

Thanks for the kind words. I think I have about 20-25 songs I’m comfortable with playing. b minor isn’t too hard to master once you get used to barré chords. I found myself always finding songs that have it so I had to learn it. Have a great weekend :sunglasses:

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Thanks for listening. I think it is a balance of using the right pressure on my left hand and pushing the guitar with my right arm for stability. Have a great day

Aww thanks so much. I posted another one this morning just for fun. Have a great weekend.

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Oh, didn’t see that yet! Have a nice weekend too! Hopefully with a lot of playing. See you soon!

Youre making progress Jeff. This is the best one you have done up to now imho.
Never heard this song before, but sounds like a place i want to be :grin:
Keep up the great work Jeff!!

Hi Trond,

Thanks a lot. After watching it I sure had this crazy look on my face hahaha. I’m glad it sounded okay though. After Travis’s songs I thought I’d try something like that too. Have a good weekend man.

Awesome job here! Standing is something I’m still working on (mostly confidence wise) at this point. Your strumming was consistent and true, and I liked the flair in your vocals! I don’t know this song so that was really fun to listen to. Keep jamming!!!